For anyone at E3 2016, Dead Rising 4 was one of the biggest games at the show.

Granted, it was definitely a work-in-progress, but all of the different pieces were there: Frank West, zombies and a ton of absolutely ridiculous weaponry. The fact that it was playable on the show floor was the icing on the cake.

For anyone who wasn't able to attend this year's show ... well, Dead Rising 4 probably didn't have as much of an impact. The teaser shown during Microsoft's press conference was great, but at just two minutes long, it was far from an extended look at the game — and save for a few select videos, most of the gameplay out of E3 2016 wasn't really worth watching.

Don't worry, Dead Rising fans — Capcom isn't done showing off yet.

Sadly, the new Dead Rising 4 behind-the-scenes video isn't particularly long, but it does give fans a great look at the new gameplay mechanics. There's quite a lot of new footage, too: while the teaser does reuse a few shots from the E3 2016 trailer, the vast majority of the "Return to Willamette" video is dedicated to brand new, hi-def footage of everyone's favorite virtual photographer turning zombies into lumpy red paste:

Before anyone gets worried about the final game: yes, the assets shown in the trailer are still being worked on. If Dead Rising 4 is anything like the games that came before it, any texture or frame-rate issues present in the teaser will be smoothed out long before launch day.

Small technical hiccups aside, Dead Rising 4 looks great. Frank West actually looks like a human being for a change, and the environments feature the same mix of huge-scale and intricate detail that made the third entry in the franchise so pretty. The zombies themselves are nicely varied, too — you'd be hard-pressed to find two undead shamblers that look even remotely alike.

Of course, as with any Dead Rising game, it's the weapons that steal the show. Fans can finally figure out what Frank is suddenly wearing a high-tech super suit (it's "military-grade"), and Capcom confirmed that it is just as customizable as any of the other over-the-top weapons or vehicles. Speaking of vehicles, Capcom showed off a few more of Frank's custom rides — if you ever wanted to ride a lawnmower covered in flamethrowers, Dead Rising 4 is your game.

There's still a long way to go before it hits store shelves, but Dead Rising 4 is looking great so far — here's hoping that the game lives up to the hype when it launches this December.

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