The popular online file sharing and cloud service, Box, has acquired dLoop in hopes it will be able to give customers better management and data analytics tools. This is more of a tool for the enterprise market to protect their content, though it is not certain if it will be available at the consumer level in the future.

In recent times, the enterprise market has become increasingly interested in cloud storage services such as Citrix Systems, Egnyte, EMC, DropBox and Box, which allow users to share and store content online. The interest from the enterprise has been a huge boon for vendors, but this has put more demands for better security and management tools. What Box is doing now with the acquisition of dLoop, could make it the favorite choice for folks in the enterprise market

Already, Box's ability to manage and protect content is one of its strong points, according to a recent Infoworld review of the service. The website rated Box as better for enterprise users when compared to other competing services on the market.

"We're incredibly excited to extend the richness and functionality of Box with new enterprise controls that provide admins even greater safeguards around enterprise content. dLoop technology creates continuous document graphs and clusters from a pile of unstructured content using machine-learning algorithms. This technology helps discover documents that are normally unreachable by search or pattern matching solutions, strengthening cloud security and increasing visibility of high value content," said Sam Schillace of Box in a blog post.

Co-founder of dLoop, Divya Jain, will be joining Box ad help to integrate dLoop technology into the new system.

According to the firm, in terms of data analytics, dLoop creates what it calls continuous document graphs and cluster from unstructured content using special machine learning algorithms. This technology allows dLoop to "discover documents that are usually unreachable by search or pattern matching solutions."

It will be interesting to see how competing cloud services respond to Box's acquisition of dLoop. Competition is heating up in the cloud enterprise space, and as it stands, Box has fired the first salvo.

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