HTC Vive gamers can now test their tolerance for G-forces and interstellar horror in Adr1ft, which is open for purchase on Steam.

It should be mentioned that Adr1ft asks a lot from its players, or rather from their stomachs. The virtual reality free-floating space survival simulator may leave gamers a bit queasy, even if they are not particularly sensitive to VR sickness.

However, the experience can take sci-fi gamers where (almost) no one has gone before, and after the game launched on Oculus Rift earlier this year, it is time for HTC Vive owners to enjoy Adr1ft too.

To those who might have second thoughts about purchasing the game, know that the launch discount of 50 percent on Steam is a strong enough reason to take a risk. What is more, the game developers actually did mash up a unique and engaging experience that beats all other VR games that are on the market.

It may be a bit challenging to get your bearings while you bounce around in zero gravity, but the wicked epic acrobatics that players can perform due to positional jets are worth every queasy moment. Should it give you a confidence boost, know that real astronauts also face some nausea from time to time, only to be rewarded with the majestic wonders and beauty of the space environment.

Keep in mind that the game allows you to re-adjust your position within the astronaut's space suit, so even if you get all tumbly and confused, you can center yourself. Thanks to this neat feature, Adr1ft manages to offer a strong simulation of what zero gravity would feel like.

One extra incentive for survival gamers out there comes from the immersive voice acting and carefully balanced environments, which create a permanent sense of loneliness, urgency and panic.

VR space simulator survival game Adr1ft took a leaf out the golden book of PC/console gaming, which says that chilling immersive gameplay does not rely on graphics alone, but taps into powerful narrative and complex storytelling, as well.

"ADR1FT is evocative, chilling, tense and unlike anything I've ever played, even if it isn't for everyone," Forbes describes the title, giving it eight out of 10 stars.

Gamers who are brave enough to face a bit of motion sickness will be deeply rewarded by playing Adr1ft. We're looking forward to hearing about the impact that the game had on you, so share your experience in the comments section below.

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