A new brochure by Sony for PlayStation VR was posted online, revealing more details regarding the upcoming virtual reality system for the PlayStation 4.

Demonstrations launched by Sony for the PlayStation VR in June made gamers more eager to get their hands on the system, which will launch in North America on Oct. 13. The new brochure, while still not quenching the thirst of gamers to get started on the virtual reality platform, can help them prepare for the release of the PlayStation VR.

The brochure, uploaded on Imgur and spawning a thread of discussion on popular online forum Reddit, reveals that gamers will need to have a play area of about 9.8 feet lengthwise by 6.2 feet crosswise, equivalent to about 60 square feet, for the PlayStation VR. The height of the play area will depend on the range that will be captured by the PlayStation Camera, and all possible obstacles should be cleared within the playing space.

Sony added that gamers should remain seated whenever possible while playing PlayStation VR titles, and when gamers are required to stand up, they should follow instructions carefully and remain aware of their surroundings.

In addition to the required playing space, the brochure shows that the PlayStation VR will display a Social Screen on the TV connected to the system. The Social Screen will show a 2D image of what the player is seeing through the PlayStation VR headset, which will allow other people in the room to watch, and in some cases, even participate.

The brochure also confirms that the PlayStation VR will have a Cinematic mode, which will enable gamers to view PlayStation 4 games and movies as if they were watching on a giant virtual screen through the headset.

Lastly, the brochure reveals that gamers will be able to wear the PlayStation VR headset over eyeglasses, and that the system will come with stereo headphones for an immersive audio setup. The system, however, will also support other audio headsets through a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack.

The PlayStation Asia website, which also uploaded the new PlayStation VR details, also recommended that gamers first try out the PlayStation VR system at a trial event or at a retail store before purchasing, as people have different reactions when looking at 3D graphics and immersing themselves in virtual reality.

With the release of PlayStation VR just more than two months away, gamers are starting to get even more excited about the virtual reality system for the PlayStation 4. Fans should begin planning their 60 square feet of playing space, so that they can get right into virtual reality once the system launches.

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