When it's time to start thinking about the future, how well does the prestigious college of your dreams rank against other top schools? Higher education sometimes comes at a high cost, so when it comes to choosing a college, graduates not only want to land a job but also work at desirable companies.

Job networking site LinkedIn found that only a few popularly known prestigious schools make the top of the list of places that produce graduates that get covetable jobs.

LinkedIn has unique member info regarding education and profession, allowing them to re-rank how well graduates do in the job market. The site joins other university and college ranking systems that crowns the best of the best.

The site, which has 300 million members worldwide, analyzed member information to find which colleges were producing workers at the most desirable companies with the lowest turnover rate. It defined a "desirable" job as one that members would leave their current job for.

"These are really the best schools at launching graduates into not just any jobs, but desirable jobs," says Itamar Orgad, who led the project. "You can assume that this correlates to things like salaries and not just being a better professional, but how to have a better life. We know we're literally the only destination that has this information."

The site used a complex algorithm to find which companies in finance, tech, marketing and media were the most desirable by employees. If an employee leaves a company, it is assumed that the new company is more desirable. The best companies are the ones that keep their employees.

Harvard University only made the list once, as the third best school for marketers. New York University ranked number one for media professionals and Georgetown University ranked number one for investment bankers. Carnegie Mellon University ranked the highest for software developers and designers.

The list shows that many Ivy League schools didn't even make the top 10. However, the Ivy Leagues earned top grades for producing desirable jobs at startups.

The top 10 schools for startups are: Stanford, MIT, Brown, Princeton, Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon, Harvard, Cornell, Columbia and University of Virginia.

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