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Facebook Avatars Could Soon Let Users Better Express Themselves, Like Snapchat Bitmoji

A new feature called Facebook Avatars is currently in the works, aiming to enable users to better express themselves on the social network. It's still in the early stages, but it looks like a Facebook version of Snapchat's Bitmoji.

Internet May 8, 2018

Playboy Goes Off 'Sexually Repressive' Facebook Amid Data Scandal

Facebook's data collection scandal keeps making waves and it's unlikely to die down anytime soon. In the wake of the scandal, Playboy deleted its Facebook accounts and suspended all activity on the social network.

Internet March 29, 2018

Here's How To Check What Facebook Knows About You

People are concerned about the recent scandal involving Facebook and its subscriber's data. Now, experts shared the steps in finding what user information it has collected throughout the years.

Internet March 27, 2018

Facebook Search Bar's Autocomplete Results Isn't Safe For Work

Several Facebook users posted their displeasure with the platform's search bar autocomplete results. According to reports, what comes up are words that are apparently offensive and not safe for work.

Viral March 16, 2018

Facebook Inadvertently Asks Users If Men May Solicit Sexual Images From Young Girls

Facebook apologized for running a controversial survey on Sunday, March 4, where it asked users on the network via survey if it was appropriate for adult men to request young girls for sexual images online.

Internet March 5, 2018

What Is Vero? 5 Reasons You Should And 5 Reasons You Shouldn't Join This New Social Network

A new social network grew in popularity recently, gaining buzz and new users in the process. Is this popularity here to stay or is it just a flash in the pan?

Apps/Software February 26, 2018

Twitter COO Anthony Noto Leaves Company To Be CEO Of SoFi

Top Twitter executive Anthony Noto, who is the company's COO, has resigned from the social media network. Noto is leaving to join California-based startup SoFi.

Internet January 25, 2018

Facebook Watch Party: Everything To Know About Shared Video Watching Feature

Facebook unveils a new feature that is being tested to users called Watch Party. The new feature allows users to watch videos with friends or group members together to create more user interactions.

Internet January 17, 2018

Swipe Left or Right? Tinder-Like Ripple App Is Here For Professional Networking

Meet Ripple, a new professional networking app launched by former Tinder executive Ryan Ogle. Just like Tinder, Ripple app lets users swipe right to connect with someone, or swipe left to pass.

Apps/Software January 15, 2018

Social Media Is Destroying Society, Says Former Facebook Exec

Social media plays a big part in our daily lives, but is it beneficial? A former Facebook executive warned about the negative impact it may have and recommended limited use.

Internet December 12, 2017

Twitter Redesign Makes It Faster, Lighter, Better: What's New?

Twitter has redesigned its app again, adding a number of tweaks to make things easier, cleaner, and more convenient. Here's what's new.

Apps/Software June 15, 2017

German Minister Seeks Fines On Social Media Sites That Fail To Wipe Out Hate Speech

A justice minister in Germany proposes a bill that could possibly fine social networks as high as $53 million if they will not take action on illegal hate messages made through their platforms.

Internet March 17, 2017

Twitch Introduces ‘Pulse,’ Its Own Version Of Facebook, But For The Gaming-Obsessed Crowd

Twitch has now officially unveiled Pulse, its own social platform for the gaming bunch. It will work much like social media sites today, and it’s scheduled for a full rollout in the coming weeks.

Video Games March 7, 2017

Facebook Users Shared 300 Billion Reactions In One Year

Since its launch a year ago, Facebook users have shared 300 billion reactions with 'Love' being the most popular.

Internet February 24, 2017

Having More Social Connections Ups Breast Cancer Survival Rates

A large study has found that breast cancer patients with more social connections have higher chances of survival. Everything truly is better when you’re with friends.

Healthy Living/Wellness December 15, 2016

Exclusive: Whilo Is The Social Network App For Gift Giving For Shopping For What People Love This Holiday Season

Whilo is the social platform that allows users to find and save products to be added to personalized wish lists that can then be purchased by others.

Apps/Software October 26, 2016

The Nextdoor App Lets Users Know Where To Treat-Or-Treat This Halloween

The social network app Nextdoor is allowing users to plot their homes on its interactive map to let children know they are giving out Halloween candy with its annual Treat Map feature.

Apps/Software October 24, 2016

Facebook Workplace Business Software Finally Launches To Take On Slack: Enterprise Social Networking, Anyone?

Facebook at Work has finally exited its extensive closed beta, rolling out on desktop and mobile as Workplace by Facebook. The enterprise social networking and messaging service comes with neat tricks and aggressive pricing, gunning for Slack.

Apps/Software October 10, 2016

LinkedIn Getting Smarter: Messaging Bots, Cleaner Desktop Interface And New LinkedIn Learning

Microsoft moves to acquire LinkedIn seems to be bearing fruit already. Today, the professional social network laid out a new look along with bots and other cool features, including LinkedIn Learning.

Internet September 23, 2016

Tinder Social Now Lets You Swipe Right For Friends, Not Romance

Tinder rolled out an additional app that will bring people together in groups. Tinder Social is supposed to help users find friends with common plans and interests with a simple swipe.

Apps/Software July 21, 2016

Tumblr To Launch Live Videos, But Is It Too Late To The Party?

Tumblr will release a new live video feature on Tuesday, although it is not yet known how this will look or work for users. Is it a bit too late to join the live video party, especially since videos are not commonly watched on the platform?

Internet June 20, 2016

Algeria Blocks Facebook, Other Social Media Sites To Stop Exam Cheats

Thousands of high school students in Algeria needed to retake their baccalaureate exams on Sunday after test questions were leaked online. Authorities have temporarily blocked access to Facebook and Twitter to prevent cheats from posting test papers.

Internet June 20, 2016

Facebook May Go ‘All Video’ In Five Years: What This Will Mean For Text Posts On The News Feed

According to Facebook’s Vice President in Europe Nicola Mendelsohn, the social networking site will probably go 'all video' in the next five years. Here’s what this could mean for text posts on News Feeds.

Internet June 16, 2016

Research Shows The More Friends You Have, The Higher Your Tolerance For Pain Is

A new study showed that having a large social network could increase tolerance for pain. Researchers found that having more friends could increase endorphin activity in the brain that serves as a pain killer.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 30, 2016

Twitter Stock Plunges After Social Network Misses Revenue Estimates

Twitter's stock plunged after missing revenue estimates by analysts. The drop happened despite the increase in its monthly active users. Is Twitter a 'deteriorating asset'?

Business Tech April 27, 2016

Survey Says Snapchat, Not Instagram, Is The Most Important Social Network For Teens

According to a survey, it's Snapchat, not Instagram, that teens consider to be the most important social network for them.

Apps/Software April 14, 2016

Decline In Original Sharing Worries Facebook: Here's What's Happening

Social networking site Facebook is allegedly experiencing a decline in the sharing of original content such as personal updates and photos. Dubbed "context collapse," the problem could have long-term repercussions on Facebook's fortunes.

Internet April 9, 2016

Facebook Will Tell Users If Someone Else Is Impersonating Their Account

Facebook is currently testing a feature that alerts users if someone is pretending to be them on the platform.

Internet March 23, 2016

SXSW 2016: Samsung Announces Its Own Social Network Called 'Waffle' [Video]

Samsung announced plans for its own social network named 'Waffle,' aiming to let users create collaborative posts. Unlike other social media platforms that allow individual posts, Waffle would enable collaboration similar to a 'communal graffiti wall.'

Internet March 15, 2016

Yik Yak Gives Users Option To Use 'Handle' And Not To Be Totally Anonymous

Yik Yak has rolled out its newest update for the location-based social network app. With the update onboard, Yakkers are now able to add their own handles.

Apps/Software March 9, 2016

The Guide To The All The Latest Facebook Changes And How To Use These New Features

Facebook has a whole slew of new features lately. Here are all the details on how each of them work.

Internet February 29, 2016

Facebook Forms Social VR Team To Explore Future Of Social Interaction

Facebook has formed a Social VR team to explore social interaction within virtual reality. The company and CEO Mark Zuckerberg are decidedly pushing for the technology to enter the mainstream.

Business February 22, 2016

Six Degrees Of Separation? On Facebook It’s Just 3.57 Degrees

It's Facebook's 12th anniversary, and it's celebrating the occasion with Friends Day. The social network says that the degrees of separation between a typical pair of users is now only 3.57 degrees, showcasing how the world is more connected.

Internet February 5, 2016

Facebook Celebrates Its 12th Anniversary: Here's What The Site Looked Like In Its Early Days

In honor of Facebook's 12th anniversary, here's a glimpse at what the site looked like back during its initial launch in 2004 and its wider expansion in 2005.

Internet February 4, 2016

Facebook Turns 12, But This Is How Zuckerberg Envisions It By 2030

Facebook turned 12 and it's celebrating 'Friends Day' with new tricks and features, but also more ambitious plans. CEO Mark Zuckerberg talked about Facebook's achievements so far, while also envisioning a far more connected future with 5 billion users by 2030.

Internet February 4, 2016

Twitter Will Reportedly Allow Brands To Use Regular Users' Tweets In Ads

Twitter is reportedly in the works to release a new ad unit that would allow brands to access a gallery of tweets related to them sent from regular users to share as part as their ad campaigns.

Internet January 11, 2016

Facebook Messenger Now Allowing Paid Stickers From Third Parties

PicoCandy announced the release of its mobile app. When launched with Facebook messenger, the third-party app gives users access to its free and paid stickers.

Apps/Software November 17, 2015

Pinterest Launches Its Dedicated Shopping Section And The Buyable Pin Feature For Android Users

Pinterest announced the upcoming launch of its Shop, where users can buy directly from the app, along with rolling out the 'buyable Pin' feature for Android users.

Apps/Software November 3, 2015

Facebook Will Soon Allow Users To Explain Why They Don’t Use Their Real Names On Facebook

Facebook is making minor modifications to its controversial real name policy in response to a slew of criticisms. It will soon allow users to provide more context to explain their name choices.

Apps/Software October 31, 2015

'Six Degrees Of Francis Bacon' Is A Social Network For The 16th Century

Researchers at Georgetown and Carnegie Mellon have recreated a database that acts like a social network, charting the personal connections between movers and shakers of the 16th century — all with the help of British polymath Sir Francis Bacon.

Internet October 23, 2015

Facebook Users Can Now Remove Their Bad Memories From 'On This Day'

You can now select what memories to forget on Facebook by removing a specific person or date from the 'On This Day' memory feature.

Internet October 13, 2015

Facebook Testing In-App Retail Features Including Shopping Section In Move To E-Commerce

Facebook is currently testing a new shopping feed section where users can browse and buy items, along with new Product Page retail features that allow users to browse products directly in the app.

Internet October 13, 2015

Facebook Outages Explained: Here's Why It Went Down Three Times Last Month

Facebook has suffered three outages in September, leaving numerous users unable to access the social network or other apps they used with a Facebook login. The company now explains why Facebook went down and says that understanding what caused the outages will help it prevent similar issues in the future.

Internet October 6, 2015

Facebook Experiments With Ways To Bring Your Profile To Life: Here Are The Changes

Facebook has started to roll out new features to bring user profiles to life and tell a better story about the users' life. Better layout for mobile viewing will also be implemented.

Internet October 3, 2015

Hands-On With Petzi Treat Cam That Lets Owners Check In On Their Pets From Their Smartphone In Real-Time

The Petzi Treat Cam allows pet owners to check up on their pets and dispense treats right from their smartphone in real-time. Find out my thoughts on this device in this hands-on.

Gadgets August 17, 2015

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