It's official: Pokémon GO has been downloaded 100 million times to date, even when the developers blocked third-party trackers, which sparked outrage in the community.

According to a report from analyst firm App Annie, not only has the AR-powered app reached a huge milestone, but it's also generating $10 million worth of daily revenue via iOS and Android after three weeks it went official.

On that note, the success of Pokémon GO didn't have any major negative effects to other apps, including top-grossing ones such as Clash of Clans, Mobile Strike and Candy Crush Saga. The data showed that they only suffered a temporary drop in revenue when it launched, lasting just a few days.

It's also worth mentioning that apps in Australia enjoyed a minimal increase in daily revenue when it rolled out there.

More importantly, though, it became a prime example of how augmented reality can be incorporated with a mobile game, not to mention that other developers now have a good angle to get ideas from in using that technology in such software.

"By now, it should be clear that Pokémon GO's launch was a watershed moment for AR and its success has not come at the expense of other mobile games or apps. Instead, it has opened up new engagement and revenue opportunities for the entire app ecosystem by creating a model to close the online-to-offline (O2O) loop," Sameer Singh of App Annie says.

Interestingly enough, TechCrunch compared the Niantic-developed title with other apps that were quick to make it to 50 million downloads. The first one being Color Switch at 77 days, and the second one at 81.

Long story short, the success of Pokémon GO may start a following of new apps that take advantage of augmented reality, and needless to say, it's safe to expect a slew of new experiences in the scene.

It should also be pointed out that this news comes fairly hot on the heels of when the app broke records with an estimated 75 million downloads on Android and iOS right as July ended, where it hit 50 million Android downloads in only 19 days before then.

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