This 'Better Call Saul' music video gives us a sneak peek of the new series


It's been about a year since Breaking Bad ended, and nothing has been able to adequately fill the void in our hearts left by the show's absence. The only thing that gives us hope is the promise of the upcoming premiere of the Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul in February 2015.

However, that still seems so. Far. Away. The only thing we can do until that fateful day is re-watch old Breaking Bad episodes and theorize what Better Call Saul will bring. Luckily, if you watched the conclusion of AMC's Breaking Bad marathon on Sunday, Oct. 5, you got to do both.

AMC aired an extended teaser of the upcoming premiere of Better Call Saul in the form of a music video by Junior Brown. The country artist performed the aptly-titled song "Better Call Saul" with memorable images from Breaking Bad in the background, such as Saul Goodman's TV commercial, the sign Jesse Pinkman twirled for his job early in the series and the inflatable Statue of Liberty that hangs out on the roof of Saul's office.

But more importantly, we get to see some clips of the new series, which features the misadventures of Breaking Bad's crooked lawyer played by Bob Odenkirk. However, we really only get to see images of Saul, the one Breaking Bad character we obviously know is going to be in the series. Unfortunately, all we really see is Saul in a courtroom, Saul in a board room, Saul on the phone and not much else. Those hoping the teaser would answer whether or not Walter White, Jesse or anyone else from the Breaking Bad universe will make an appearance in Better Call Saul will just have to wait and see.

"We like jumping around in time," Vince Gilligan, the creator of Breaking Bad and one of the showrunners of Better Call Saul, previously said about the spin-off. "I would definitely point you in the direction of 'anything that was possible storytelling-wise on Breaking Bad is possible on Better Call Saul.'"

Gilligan, the creator of Breaking Bad, and Peter Gould, one of the series' writers, have teamed up as co-showrunners for Better Call Saul. They penned the lyrics to the Better Call Saul song along with Breaking Bad composer Dave Porter, and it is very reminiscent of Breaking Bad's twangy western music feel.

Previous teasers for the new series have included a billboard for the law services of James M. McGill, Saul's real name, in Albuquerque and a 10-second clip of Saul equating having a lawyer to having health insurance. With all of this teasing going on, when Better Call Saul finally does premiere, we will be more than ready.

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