Google Inbox just keeps getting smarter: a powerful update today helps you stay on top of your Trello tasks and GitHub code changes, organized with Google Drive, and in the loop of current events with Google Alerts.

Inbox by Gmail will get the new integration features across the app's Android, iOS and web platforms.

By streamlining Inbox with Trello, GitHub, Google Drive and Alerts, the productivity tool no longer simply serves as a simple archive of email messages — it becomes somewhat like a personal assistant, summarizing all the updates you need fast.

"You can spend less time dealing with email and more time being productive," says Thijs van As, Google product manager for Inbox.

1. Trello Projects

Inbox users who manage projects on the collaboration platform Trello can now get a bird's eye view of all activities across projects. One email summary is all it takes to keep abreast on completed items on to-do lists, Trello card movements, deadline changes, and tagged notes from collaborators.

The integration is particularly useful to those who find Trello's native email notification options a little too annoying. Email updates from the platform can easily pile up in one's inbox when the notifications are sent hourly or in real time.

Google's Inbox app gives Trello users an overview instead.

2. GitHub Repositories

In the same way, Inbox will now offer GitHub users a quick glance at code changes, filed issues and other updates to repositories. This email update by Inbox can help collaborators stay on the same page since it works like a running changelog.

3. Google Drive

Gmail may have long enjoyed quick integration with Google Drive. Now, Google Inbox is following through by enabling users to easily attach links to Google Drive files, manage permissions on who can edit or view the files, and save attachments straight to Drive. Contacts can also be dragged into the Cc or Bcc recipient boxes for easy sending.

4. Google Alerts

Apart from project management and collaboration updates, the refreshed Inbox now also sums up news stories of the day thanks to its Google Alerts integration. The email update looks like a short newsletter or bulletin, with entries curated based on the reader's preferences. The Inbox user can just click to read more or mark the item as done.

The latest changes to Google Inbox may be simple and straightup, but this is exactly the reason many users have enjoyed the platform. From past updates that seek to reduce noise from spam and other unwanted email, Inbox today groups together all the info a user needs from Trello, GitHub, Google Drive and Google Alerts into a clutter-free message.

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