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Google Could Have Acquired GitHub Before Microsoft Did, But Says It’s Fine

Google revealed that it also wanted to acquire GitHub, but Microsoft ultimately won the bid. Even though there are concerns about its future projects on the platform, the company claims it is fine with the turnout.

Business Tech June 29, 2018

Microsoft Acquires Website Building Company GitHub For $7.5 Billion

Microsoft is acquiring software developer company GitHub for $7.5 billion in company stock. The technology company hopes that its software tools would enhance GitHub users’ coding development programs

Microsoft June 4, 2018

GitHub Survives The Most Powerful DDoS Attack In History: More To Come?

GitHub survived the most powerful DDoS attack in history that peaked at 1.35 TB per second. The software development website lived through the ordeal, but while the Memcrashed method is still available, even more powerful DDoS attacks may launch soon.

Security March 2, 2018

iPhone Source Code Leakster Reportedly A Former Apple Intern

Apple's leaked iPhone source code was recently posted on Github. Reports confirm that a former intern stole the code and even more from the company.

Apple February 11, 2018

'Biggest iPhone Code Leak' On GitHub: Here's Why iBoot Leak Worries Security Experts

Someone has leaked iBoot on GitHub. There are missing files so it can’t be compiled, but hackers might still take advantage of this iPhone source code to find vulnerabilities in iOS and create jailbreaks.

Security February 8, 2018

Amazon Dash Hack Will Let You Send $5 To ACLU Everytime You See Something Bad

A Canadian software developer tweaked the Amazon Dash so you can donate $5 to ACLU with every press. But is it a good idea to keep the button near while reading Donald Trump's tweets?

Gadgets February 8, 2017

Facebook Releases New Tool That'll Keep Your Online Accounts Safe Even When Hackers Access Your Email

Facebook announced a security tool that could make it easier to use a two-factor authentication to protect your accounts online. It is currently available for GitHub but is expected to be adopted by other companies soon.

Internet January 31, 2017

Shhh: Google Is Secretly Making A Fuchsia OS, And It's Not Based On Linux

Google recently shared some resources on GitHub, and the company seems to have built a new OS. It looks like non-Linux based Fuchsia OS will be the next best thing from the company, powering everything from embedded devices to computers.

Google August 13, 2016

Google Updates Inbox App With New Integration Features For Google Drive, Alerts, Trello And GitHub

Google Inbox will get new integration features for Trello and GitHub as well as other Google products, such as Drive and Alerts. The update is available across the Android, iOS and web platforms.

Apps/Software August 9, 2016

Apollo 11 Source Code That Took Astronauts To The Moon Lands On GitHub, Freely Available

GitHub recently received the full source code of the Apollo 11 manned mission to the Moon. Redditors were quick to pry it apart and revealed quite interesting bits of content from the space race era.

Space July 12, 2016

Mind-Boggling Web Code Offers Just A Glimpse Of What It's Like To Read With Dyslexia

A developer posted a Web-based reading that simulates how people with dyslexia see letters in written text. The JavaScript-generated effect shows letters jumping around, making it harder to concentrate on each word.

Internet March 8, 2016

Women Code Better Than Men But Only If They Hide Their Gender, Study Suggests

A new study has been released suggesting that women get higher acceptance rates for coding - but only if they don't say what their gender is. The study was conducted of 1.4 million GitHub users.

Internet February 12, 2016

Microsoft Makes Its CNTK Deep Learning Software More Accessible To Developers By Posting It On GitHub

Microsoft has relocated its repository of Computational Network Toolkit (CNTK) deep-learning software from CodePlex to GitHub, making it accessible to many other developers. According to the team, it wants to let other researchers have the same resources it has.

Apps/Software January 26, 2016

Developers Frustrated With Github: Stop Ignoring Our Requests!

Developers complained in an open letter how GitHub seemed to be ignoring their requests. The group also expressed some of the most frequent issues and gave out suggestions on how these can be addressed.

Internet January 23, 2016

Microsoft Releases Windows 10 IoT Core For Raspberry Pi 2 And MinnowBoard Max

Microsoft may have missed the mobile boat, but it certainly is looking out for the Internet of Things industry as it releases Windows 10 IoT Core.

Apps/Software August 11, 2015

ZenHub Bringing Innovative Project Management Features To GitHub Enterprises

ZenHub brings its project management services to self-hosted GitHub Enterprises.

Business August 10, 2015

China's 'Great Cannon' Hints At Country's Growing Influence Over Web Censorship

The Great Firewall of China now has a massive cannon. About two weeks ago, the world got its first look at China's Great Cannon.

Internet Culture April 11, 2015

GitHub Recovers From DDoS Attack: Was China Behind This?

GitHub is back in action, after suffering what appeared to be a DDoS attack to ultimately keep users in China from skirting the country's censors.

Internet March 30, 2015

Google Code Ends New Project Creation Slated To Close January 25, 2016

Google has announced the end of Google Code, a service for coders to develop and share their open-source projects. Google has offered project migration tools for users to move from Google Code to GitHub.

Apps/Software March 13, 2015

Apple denies iCloud, Find My iPhone security breach: Only 'very targeted attacks'

Apple has denied that a security breach with its iCloud and iPhone software caused the theft of nude photos of more than 100 celebrities. The company said that a "very targeted attack" unearthed the revealing images.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech September 7, 2014

Celebrity iCloud vulnerability being investigated by Apple: Over 300 nude images stolen

Things are not looking so rosy for Apple, as the company was recently the victim of a brazing hack that saw over 300 nude images of celebrities stolen. The Cupertino giant is now investigating the matter, but chances are nothing will come of this matter.

Internet Culture September 3, 2014

'Protect yourself:' Julie Ann Horvath leaves Github on alleged gender harassment

Julie Anne Horvath, who has been a stalwart defender of GitHub as a good company where women in the technology industry can work, has left the company. Ironically, she has hinted of gender harassment at GitHub.

Business March 17, 2014

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