The excitement surrounding the LG V20 is growing as its September debut draws nearer. The South Korean company has given consumers another feature to look forward to on the upcoming flagship — Quad DAC, digital to analog converter.

The company revealed on Aug. 11 that it has teamed up with ESS Technology to bring a superior audio experience to the LG V20. LG shared that the flagship will be the world's first to boast support for a 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC, which will bring premium audio experience to a smartphone.

"We are extremely excited that our Quad DAC technology will be featured in the V20, LG's latest flagship smartphone for consumers who demand the best media experience. As a technology more typically available in high-end audio equipment, Quad DAC on the V20 will make users feel as if they are carrying around a professional home-audio system on their smartphone," noted Robert Blair, CEO and president of ESS Technology.

Quad DAC will essentially facilitate clear and crisp sound, which can be equated to the sound quality of a live performance. The sound quality produced by Quad DAC is superior compared to those created by a regular DAC. This is because the ambient noise levels get reduced nearly 50 percent in Quad DAC.

The predecessor LG V10 also touted 32-bit DAC courtesy of ESS and found favor with critics. As technology evolves, LG understands the importance of imbibing features that will lure consumers. LG Electronics' President Juno Cho revealed that as the smartphone space continued to evolve, consumers were beginning to look for more massive displays and superior processors on their handset.

With multimedia consumption on the increase, LG believes that creating a device that offers a superior audio quality is a natural step. Therefore, the company is persevering to bring the best possible audio experience in its LG V20 and not limiting its offering to a robust processor and a big screen.

The LG V20 will be the harbinger of many firsts in the smartphone space. In August, LG spilled the beans that its impending flagship will be the first Android-powered device to come with the new Android 7.0 Nougat operating system out of the box.

Now a user agent from LG Korea has reaffirmed the same to TimesNews. The user agent's details not only showed off the latest Android build running on the LG V20, but also revealed that the handset will sport the model number LG-H910.

"The LG V20 with model number LG-H910 has been spotted in the user agent details running the upcoming Android 7.0 Nougat OS," notes the publication.

Considering the LG V10 sported the LG-H900 and LG-H901 model numbers for the AT&T and T-Mobile variants, the information seems plausible.

The LG V20 is scheduled to debut on Sept. 6 in San Francisco and will likely hit the shelves in Q4 2016.

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