One of the new features Pokémon Sun and Moon has introduced is Alolan forms for Gen I Pokémon, with Vulpix/Ninetails, Exeggutor, Sandshrew/Sandslash, Marowak, Meowth and Riachu all confirmed to have one. Now, if you've been playing close attention to various Pokémon communities recently, you might have seen one more Pokemon get an Alolan form: Alakazam.

There is just one problem though: this isn't official art, it's fan art. Of course, it looks so real that it would be easy to mistake it as such if it wasn't for the mark on the side (some places where the picture is rehosted crop that portion out without giving proper credit).

This fan imagination of Alola Alakazam comes courtesy of a Tumblr user named LoganCure, who has several other Pokémon-themed works of art on his page. However, unlike other fans who simply come up with new Pokemon out of nowhere, this one is firmly rooted in reality — well, kinda.

Prior to Aug. 1, when Alolan forms were initially revealed in the Pokémon Company's then-latest trailer, rumors began to circulate that predicted an assortment of features that would be coming to Sun and Moon. Among these rumors were allegations that various Gen I Pokémon would be getting Alolan forms that possess new type combinations that would set them apart from their Kanto iterations.

So far, the leak that prompted these rumors has been on the money (for the most part) — correctly predicting Alolan forms Morelull (the alleged mushroom), Pyukumuku (the alleged sea cucumber) and has more or less confirmed the final evolutions for the starter Pokémon (though whether they will get split evolutions remains to be seen).

So, where does Alolan Alakazam come in? The leak alleged that the Abra line would all be Fighting-types. With that in mind, Logancure made an Alolan Alakazam that looks quite real if you aren't looking closely enough.

Trading in the spoons for nunchuks is a cool idea, and using the long black belt to replicate the length of his mustache is rather clever. If there really is an Alolan Alakazam, it will be interesting to see whether Game Freak has something that looks similar to what Logancure designed, or if it comes up with something else (using its mustache as a headband, maybe?).

Similarly, it will be interesting to see what Alolan Alakazam's stats would be like. Honestly, this is the case for all Alolan forms, but Alakazam is special due to some history. Back when Yellow arrived, Alakazam became particularly strong because it could learn Ice Punch, Thunder Punch and Fire Punch, giving it phenomenal type coverage in battle. However, Diamond and Pearl hurt Alakazam immensely when the physical/special split occurred — all three of the elemental punches became physical-based, which Alakazam isn't particularly adept at using.

Sure, there are some fighting type attacks that are special-based, but it would be far more interesting to see Alakazam make use of the many physical-based ones and potentially return to being able to use the elemental punches effectively again.

Of course, all of these hopes rely on whether or not Alola Alakazam is real, which this fan art certainly isn't.

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