Sometimes, all you need is the right kind of music to set the mood when it comes to beating a difficult part in Halo or while spending hours playing video games like No Man's Sky or Fallout 4. Now, Spotify is making sure that its users have the best music to suit every gamer's mood.

The popular music streaming service announced the launch of a new section dedicated to music specifically for video game players.

Called Spotify Gaming, the new category serves as a centralized location for finding music found on soundtracks from the most popular titles in the world of gaming. This includes original music from games like Minecraft, No Man's Sky, The Last of Us and Mega Man.

The new music section for gaming also includes curated playlists to help users mellow out and relax or amp them up when going into virtual battle. These include: Power Gaming, RetroWave, Heavy Gamer and Top Gaming Tracks.

Along with featuring original scores, these playlists also have new music such as Desiigner's "Panda," which is on the Power Gaming playlist, or Pylot's "A Race Against Time" on the RetroWave playlist.

Since gamers know best, Spotify Gaming features playlists from gaming profiles like Day[9] and Sneaky Zebra. Users also have the ability to create their own personalized gaming playlists.

Spotify Gaming is easy to navigate, with the user tapping or clicking on the dropdown menu to quickly move from Feature Playlists, Original Soundtracks and Spotify Curated sections. Users can also look for a particular playlist for a game in alphabetical order.

This makes it easy to find the exact music the gamer is looking for, such as the Dark Souls 3 playlist when playing that title, or the Fifa 16 soundtrack when competing in some matches. Of course, it's always entertaining to listen to the music of Grand Theft Auto.

The music section for gamers is just one of many new features Spotify has announced as of late. The music streaming site previously began rolling out a new way to further allow users to discover new music from the artists they follow on the platform.

Called Release Radar, this playlist is updated every Friday and includes the tracks that were just dropped by users' favorite artists.

Now, between Release Radar and Spotify Gaming, listeners will have enough music to power them throughout the entire weekend.

Spotify Gaming is now available for iOS, Android, desktop and PlayStation versions.
Source: Spotify

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