Samsung rolled out a video where its fans can behold the amazing progress the S Pen stylus has made and the various ways in which Galaxy Note 7 owners can put it to good use.

The Note flagships are impossible to conceive without an S Pen, according to the company. The stylus is both iconic and part of the Note experience, which motivated the OEM to put a lot of effort into improving it for the latest edition of Note.

The stylus was redesigned to better simulate the writing experience of real pencils. The diameter of the S Pen's tip was reduced from 1.6 mm to 0.7 mm, making it more sensitive, and emulating the real feel of writing with a pencil. Users can even erase their scribbles by pressing the side button on the stylus. Tweaks were also done in the pressure sensitivity department, which was doubled.

This year, the S Pen went through some physical modifications, an essential one being that it followed the Note 7 in becoming waterproof. What is more, Samsung designers learned their lesson from the Galaxy Note 5 experience, where users often inserted the pen the wrong way, causing it to get stuck. At the time, the OEM offered some solutions, but it seems that redesigning the phone to prevent the incident was the simplest and most efficient solution.

The enhancements made an impact on more than the hardware part of the S Pen. The software of the device is now more powerful and grants diverse possibilities of use.

Thanks to Samsung's Always On Display feature, you can tap into the S Pen for Screen-off Memos. The feature allows users to simply write down an idea, a telephone number or a quick sketch without opening up the phone. Pinned notes will be in the cache memory of the handset for up to an hour, waiting for you to save or discard them.

Always On Display benefits from smooth integration with third-party apps, thus allowing you to quickly access notifications for your favorite apps, such as Instagram.

Cat GIF enthusiasts should know that a special blend of tools are in store to extract the most adorable kitten files from YouTube videos, and the S Pen makes the process fast and intuitive. The stylus also plays nice with translation software, so your global trekking will even be more pleasant in the future.

Keep in mind that the Galaxy Note 7 starts selling globally on Aug. 19, so if you're ready to upgrade, mark the date.

Meanwhile, check out the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 S Pen in action below.

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