A trademark for Fallout: New Orleans has been spotted, and as expected, the news is making waves in the gaming community.

The big question that everyone is clamoring for an answer to is whether or not this is the next Fallout game in the series. At this point, it's still unsure, but the recent filing does open the possibility of it being genuine.

Now, the trademark is filed to the European Union Intellectual Property Office, but since it's still fairly fresh and under examination, it's still missing a lot of the juicy details. However, as everyone will see right off the bat when they go to the page, there's a graphic representation of the familiar Fallout logo — the word "Fallout" with the "o" stylized with a lightning bolt.

The things is, that's just about it right now. The basic application fee of the trademark hasn't even been paid yet, so there's no way for the public to verify whether or not the entity that submitted the filing is indeed Bethesda.

On top of that, the aforementioned logo is rather pretty basic. That means almost anyone with a little know-how in Adobe Photoshop, MS Paint or whatever could've made it. In a word, there's a strong chance it's a hoax, but considering that Fallout 4 was met with great success, it's not exactly unlikely for the developers to start prepping for another Fallout game as soon as now.

What's more, Bethesda is about to roll out the last DLC Nuka World to the Xbox One, PS4 and PC on Aug. 30, so it might already be moving forward and shifting focus on the future of the series.

Assuming that the filing is genuine, the release date of Fallout: New Orleans could be sometime in 2017, if the two-year gap between Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas is a pattern to rely on. With that said, if this sequel is treated the same, Obsidian Entertainment will probably hold the reins in terms of development.

It should also be pointed out that PS4 gamers still haven't received mod support, and that could be considered as an indication that the team still has a lot on its plate, explaining why the basic application fee and whatnot of the filing are still not finalized.

At any rate, what do you think of the trademark for Fallout: New Orleans? Drop by our comments section below and let us know whether you think it's just a hoax or the real deal.

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