Overwatch ... Battleborn ... Even Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. Giving players special abilities based on the character they choose is a new trend in FPS gaming, and it's one that FPS forefather Quake is looking to incorporate in the upcoming Quake Champions.

It will be a first for the franchise. Though other signature trademarks of the series will still be there, including fast movement speed, collecting weapons spread across maps and rocket-jumping, players will also have unique character abilities at their disposal to add yet another layer to gameplay.

That's making some old-school fans of the series less than happy. Many would rather have the classic Quake gameplay, but with a fresh new coat of paint. Quake Champions project lead Tim Willits recently addressed those concerns (via GameSpot) by saying that there will be an option for turning off champion abilities in order to create a more classic Quake experience.

"We want to make sure we give people what they want," Willits said. "If you create custom game mode, you should be able to set the game up the way you want. If you need to turn off Champions, we'll let you turn off Champions. That won't be a problem."

That means that, at least at this point, the game's competitive modes will incorporate champion abilities, with players only being able to play without them in custom games. At the very least, it gives classic fans a chance to experience the game without the new bells and whistles, but Willits says those fans should give the new champion abilities a chance, stressing that they don't fundamentally change the experience.

"I really do believe it adds to the experience, because you don't fundamentally change the way you play based on the Champion you have," said Willits. "You still run and shoot and pick up all the weapons. But the subtle variations add that level of strategy and depth that I think is the next step we need to take."

Maybe old-school fans of the series will enjoy the changes once they try them in the game? It's at least worth a shot. Unfortunately, the chance to play the game might still be a long time coming for most. Quake Champions is expected to release next year for PC, with a beta period coming sometime prior. It's still unknown whether or not the game will be free-to-play.

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