To celebrate 20 years of Quake, Wolfenstein: The New Order developer MachineGames is releasing some DLC for the influential arena shooter - the last time this game received DLC, DLCs were uniformly called expansion packs.

On Wednesday, Quake turned 20 years old. The game, developed by id Software, was first released on June 22, 1996 and landed on Steam, Sega Saturn and Nintendo 64 about a decade later.

MachineGames' 20th anniversary gift to Quake fans add a brand-new episode to the game, which the studio is simply calling "Dopa." Installing the expansion is as simple as downloading the DLC's .rar file, extracting that file into a Dopa folder in Quake's main directory and then launching the Dopa .exe file.

The DLC arrives at a great time for those who have long lost track of their hard copies of the game, as the Steam Summer Sale is going on right now and Quake has been marked down from $5 to $2.50.

Of course, those who already have the game can import it into their Steam libraries if they haven't already done so. And for those who have actually decided against Steam because of the client's DRM, Dopa can be added to the GoG version of Quake.

The last true bit of DLC the original Quake received was "Quake Mission Pack No. 2: Dissolution of Eternity," which arrived just months after the February 1997 release of the game's first expansion, "Quake Mission Pack No. 1: Scourge of Armagon."

And if Dopa reawakens a hunger for more Quake, well Bethesda has announced that Quake Champions is in the works and later clarified that that game is not a MOBA. The trailer may have made the game look like a MOBA to some, but Studio Director Tim Willits set the record straight during a chat with German YouTuber channel Rocket Beans TV.

"No. It's not a MOBA. It's not a MOBA," Willits said. What id Software is making is "a classic Quake game" with Champions, which the studio feels is "the natural evolution" of both the game and the genre, Willits said.

"That's why you see a lot of character-driven games, because it doesn't change the fundamental way you play the game but it enhances the experience and gives you more to do," Willits added. "We feel that Quake Champions will bring in new players and also give the best Quake players even more to focus on."

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