IFA is nearly here, and Huawei touts that it will surprise everyone at the event with what could be an entirely new line of products.

The company teases that its upcoming novelty will meet the public on Sept. 1, during the biggest trade show of the year happening in Berlin, Germany.

Although IFA will officially start on Sept. 2, some companies are already lining up to showcase their products prior to that date and Huawei seems to be among them. Keep in mind that Huawei ranks third in the global top of smartphone manufacturers, and the company is the leader in the Chinese market.

Rumors about Huawei's surprises at IFA have been floating for a while, and the company unveiled that it will indeed be present in the Sept. 1 event.

The official teaser gives more details about the scheduled presentation. The company will showcase its gadgets at 10:30 a.m. CEST (Central European Summer Time), meaning 4:30 a.m. EST and 1:30 a.m. PST, respectively.

Huawei is very bold in its marketing campaign and makes use of "Defy Expectations" as a slogan for the upcoming product launch. The leader of the company, Kevin Ho, who is also the president of Handset Product Line, confirmed earlier this year that his enterprise aims to use its time at IFA to release a new sub-brand.

The most realistic thing to expect from Huawei is the unveiling of the Nova brand that was recently leaked and it appears to be a handset line targeting women. One additional reason why Nova could be the IFA star is that this is the only new Huawei line in the books.

There is a high chance that Huawei fans will be getting something extra during IFA from the smartphone manufacturer. The company should present both the Huawei Mate S2 and a new Huawei Watch during the event, with the Mate expected to roll out in November.

As the Mate S and the Huawei Watch were released during last year's IFA, it seems like a perfect event for both devices to get new variants. However, as the rumors about the second generation of Huawei Watch and Mate S2 were scarce, Huawei could wait out to have separate events for the gadgets.

This is all we know so far about Huawei's presence in the upcoming IFA event, so stay tuned to find out more details about what the manufacturer has in store.

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