Leaked images and videos of a slim PlayStation 4 were recently released to the web to much excitement. Surprisingly, Sony managed to make a small console smaller, and while that's interesting, no one seemed to have taken a look at the controller, until now.

A new video recently uploaded to YouTube by user ZRZ shows possibly the new DualShock 4 controller. Now, unlike the Xbox One S where the new controller had significant changes when it comes down to design and features, the new DualShock 4 doesn't seem to be that different from the old one.

The most notable difference here is the light bar, which is now situated at the top of the controller. It could also be a secondary light bar, but until Sony releases official information, we can only speculate what it is for the time being.

The PlayStation 4 controller is notorious for its short battery life compared with the Xbox One controller. Most gamers, allegedly, are getting 5 hours of gameplay per charge, a far cry from the over 24 hours given by the Xbox One controller.

The reason for this? Some say it's the light bar. Sony designed the controller with this light bar to play nice with its move controllers and PlayStation Camera. The light cannot be turned off although it can be dimmed. Furthermore, it's possible the light bar might be used in conjunction with PlayStation VR.

Outside of the slim PlayStation 4, rumors have it that Sony is making moves to launch a more powerful 4K version of the console in October. It's codenamed the PlayStation 4 Neo, and it should be able to deliver most, if not, all video games at 1080p 60 frames per second.

The console is also expected to help push the company's PlayStation VR headset. Some believe the current PlayStation 4 model is not ideal enough to deliver the best VR experience due to the weaker hardware.

What about pricing?

We can't say for sure at this point, but gamers should expect the PlayStation 4 Neo to go for a premium price. Furthermore, there won't be any exclusive games for the console. All games for the Neo should work on the original PlayStation 4, and all games on the older console should work on the Neo.

Whether or not all accessories will work, similar to what Microsoft is claiming with Project Scorpio, well, that's something we cannot answer at this time, but it shouldn't take long for Sony to reveal all.

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