Despite selling extremely well, No Man's Sky disappointed more than a few players once it released.

Lackluster reviews from both critics and players alike have shown the game isn't exactly what many players had been expecting. What players also weren't expecting was the large number of technical issues present in the game, with the PlayStation 4 version of the game in particular suffering from frequent crashes.

Thankfully, developer Hello Games has been working overtime to fix the crashing issues. In a series of tweets, Hello Games says several updates have been released since Friday, Aug. 19 to address the game's crashing problem, with another update on the way that is expected to resolve 90 percent of crashing issues players are currently experiencing.

"We obviously won't stop until these issues are 100 percent resolved," reads a tweet from the developer. "Also these patches contain other fixes and improvements too. Thanks all."

Unfortunately, Hello Games has yet to release more detailed patch notes about what is being addressed in each update. It seems it will be up to players to discover the various "improvements" that are added to the game for themselves, though hopefully Hello Games will release more information about what exactly is in each update soon.

No Man's Sky game director Sean Murray says the Hello Games team is "totally focused on customer support right now," with the studio recently bringing in a QA team larger than the development team itself in order to help identify and fix issues.

Once the game is running as intended and all the various problems have been addressed, Murray says Hello Games will then focus its attention on delivering feature updates to the title. Some of those features, according to Murray, include the ability to build bases and pilot massive space freighters across the universe.

The developer recently walked back his statement regarding DLC plans for the game. Murray recently said all of No Man's Sky's new features would come in the form of free updates, but a few days later said that might not necessarily be the case.

It's statements like those that have caused the popular game to get a "Mixed" rating on Steam. Given how many players feel burned by some of Murray's false promises about No Man's Sky, perhaps it's best to take his comments on upcoming features, and their possible price tag, with a grain of salt.

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