An invite devoid of overt teasers says it's been way too long since Apple held a press event, but the roughly month's worth of time that has passed between the tech company's presentations has yielded a few things tech enthusiasts can expect to learn during the upcoming reveal.

With the recent release of golden masters (GM) code along with the latest build of OS X Yosemite, it's a safe bet Apple is preparing to introduce the official release of its latest desktop OS at its upcoming press event. GM code usually rolls out when an official release of an OS is near.

The release of Xcode 6.1 GM, OS X Yosemite's second GM, may have been an act of prudence to ensure that the OS isn't embattled with bugs as was its mobile counterpart on its release.

Also a safe bet to receive stage time at Apple's Oct. 16 press event are retouched iPads, as the devices have been starring in rumors even before the tech company's Sept. 9 event.

At the beginning of October, unnamed sources told Bloomberg that Apple was preparing to paint the 9.7-inch iPad gold. The gold color would bring the iPad's color palette in line with that of the iPhone series, and possibly move more units of the larger tablets, the sources stated.

While it would make sense for the full-size iPad to receive Apple's A8 processors as well, leaks have only indicated that the smaller tablets would be fitted with them. The smaller iPad Air 2 and Mini tablets were also rumored to have been redesigned with Touch ID sensors, kitting them out with the hardware needed to leverage Apple's new virtual wallet system, Apple Pay.

A new batch of screenshots have appeared and they purport to show images of the redesigned iPad Air 2. The images, which were posted on a Vietnamese forum and picked up by 9to5Mac, depict a new iPad Air that appears to have a Touch ID blended into its Home button and a thinner build that doesn't include a Mute button.

While OS X Yosemite and the new iPad appear to be a lock for Apple's Oct. 16 event, new Macs appear to be a bit more of a stretch.

It would follow that Apple presents new MacBooks beside its latest OS, but the tech company's laptops and desktops received a refresh in the summer of 2014. However, the July refresh of the MacBook Pro was merely an overhaul targeted at making the devices more affordable.

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