Deus Ex: Mankind Divided arrived just two days ago, and already, a game-breaking bug has been discovered that is preventing players from making progress.

As detailed in posts on the Square Enix and Steam forums, some players are finding that traveling between zones in Prague via the game's train station causes the game to crash. This appears to only happen to players who have visited the city for the third time, on mission 14. The bug prevents players from progressing further in the game, as traveling between the various areas of Prague is essential to continuing the game's story and can only be done via train station. The bug appears to be present in each version of the game, regardless of platform.

So far, it's unclear what exactly is causing the bug, but it does appear that developer Eidos Montreal is aware of the problem. The official Deus Ex Twitter account has responded to two fans complaining about the issue, saying the team is aware of the bug and is looking into it.

Unfortunately, the game-crashing bug is only one of the game's many performance issues on PC. Players have slammed the game with negative reviews on Steam, where it currently sits with a "mixed" user review status. Fans are complaining about the game's mouse acceleration, poor system optimization and frequent crashes.

Most recent negative reviews take issue with the fact that the game's preorder bonus items can only be used once. Players can also purchase items and upgrade points with real money, which, once again, can only be used once after purchase.

"This is a business practice that is an absolute insult to anyone who buys this game at full price," writes one user in a negative review. "This reminds me of an app game where they make you run out of resources and offer you a $5 bundle to solve all of your problems instead of ... you know, playing the game and managing your resources?"

More than a few negative reviews use Adam Jensen's meme-worth catchphrase, "I never asked for this" from Deus Ex: Human Revolution against the latest installment in the series, saying "they never asked for" microtransactions in a single-player game.

Square Enix has mostly been silent about various fan complaints, except to say that the game's various performance issues are being addressed. One performance update has already been released on PC.

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