Latest 'Fallout Shelter' Update Adds Nuka-World Quests And New Objectives


Fallout 4's last major piece of DLC, Nuka-World, is just around the corner, but fans can get a taste of the theme park-focused adventure to come by exploring the latest update to the Fallout Shelter mobile game.

Update 1.7, available now on iOS and Android, adds special event quests to the game for the first time, in this case, a quest revolving around Nuka-World. Upon completing the quest, Nuka-World mascots Bottle and Cappy will then appear in a player's vault, where they will visit and reward players with Nuka-Cola Quantum and Caps. Players can expect more special event quests, as well as holiday quests, in the future.

A number of new quests have also been added to the game for Overseers to send out their vault-dwellers on, along with weekly quests that appear every Friday for players to complete. Players can also now skip quests entirely by spending Nuka-Cola Quantum.

In addition to the special event quests and new quests in general, new objectives have been added to the vault as well, giving stay-at-home vault-dwellers more ways to earn additional resources. The update is completely free.

Bethesda has also released a new video starring Cappy and Bottle that highlights theme park safety while attending Nuka-World ... something of which Bottle isn't too keen. You can check that out below. The two mascots can also be briefly seen in the DLC's official trailer, which also features the catchy Nuka-World theme song and a number of the different districts player get the chance to explore.

Fallout 4's Nuka-World DLC arrives on Aug. 30 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, and will have players exploring the various districts of a pre-war theme park now occupied by multiple raider gangs. The DLC looks to be the biggest add-on for the game yet, and will add new weapons, armor and enemies. You can learn more about Nuka-World by checking out a detailed map of the theme park here.

Nuka-World will sell for $25, and it is also available as part of the $50 Fallout 4 season pass. It will be the last major piece of DLC for Fallout 4, joining Far Harbor, Automatron and a number of smaller, crafting-focused DLC releases, all of which saw release earlier this year. Meanwhile, PS4 players are still waiting for Bethesda to add Fallout 4 mod support on their console. Xbox One owners received mod support earlier this summer.

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