The latest rumors surrounding Nintendo's next gaming console, the Nintendo NX, focus on the capabilities of its detachable controllers.

A month ago, a report by Eurogamer claimed that the Nintendo NX is a hybrid console. The device can function as a handheld console, with its own display and controls on either side of the screen. It can also be connected to a television at home to play on a bigger screen, with the controls able to be detached from the display to function as separate controllers.

In a new report, Let's Play Video Games claims that it has confirmed the accuracy of the earlier report by Eurogamer, and in addition, has acquired more details regarding the Nintendo NX's controllers.

The detachable controllers are said to have basic motion control support, like that of the Wii Remote Plus, and contain advanced vibration force feedback.

Let's Play Video Games reports that the controllers will be taking the place of the Wii Remote in the future, as they share a lot of functions with each other. Players who own Wii Remotes can use them to play with certain Nintendo NX games, but not all of them.

One of the games that can be played using both the Nintendo NX controllers and the Wii Remotes is Just Dance 2017, which is said to be launching alongside the gaming console.

The force feedback technology in the Nintendo NX controllers, on the other hand, is said to be similar to the HTC Vive's controllers, according to one of the sources. The controller will feature changing vibration strength, pulsing patterns and different vibration times to copy different movements. An example the report provides is the difference in the vibration a player would feel between clashing swords and hitting a tennis ball.

Nintendo of America head Reggie Fils-Aime recently admitted that the company needs to do a better job for the launch of the Nintendo NX, especially in communicating the position of the console and its uniqueness. The struggles of the Nintendo Wii U could be attributed to the company's failure to differentiate it from its predecessor, the Nintendo Wii.

Understandably, Nintendo does not want to make the same mistake with the Nintendo NX.

The Nintendo NX is expected to be launched in March 2017, though there have so far been no rumors on what its price tag will be. It is said that Nintendo will be officially unveiling the console next month, so hopefully gamers will not be in the dark about the Nintendo NX much longer.

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