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Nintendo Switch: Games Confirmed Include 'Project Sonic 17,' 'Dragon Quest XI,' 'Splatoon 2,' 'Lego City Undercover' And More

Nintendo Switch is slated to get over 20 popular gaming titles on March 3. Gamers will be treated with titles such as 'Splatoon 2,' 'Mario Kart 8 Deluxe,' and more.

Video Games January 14, 2017

Nintendo NX Reveal: Here's What To Expect And How To Watch The Livestream Of The Console's Big Debut

Nintendo is finally revealing the NX on Oct. 20 via livestream. It's long been expected that the NX will be a high-powered touchscreen handheld and home console hybrid with detachable controllers.

Video Games October 20, 2016

Nintendo NX Rumored To Cost $299 And Support 4K Streaming Along With 1080p 60 FPS Gaming

The NX is the next console rumored to come from Nintendo, and from the latest leaks, the device could cost less than the PS4 Pro once it is released. The marketing tagline for the console is 'Interact with your game on the go.'

Gadgets October 12, 2016

Nintendo NX Will Put Company Back In The Race: Ubisoft CEO

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has praised the upcoming Nintendo NX console on several occasions so far, and is now at it again. According to the executive, the NX has what it takes to put Nintendo back in the game.

Gadgets September 30, 2016

Lifetime Nintendo Hardware Sales Reveals The Challenge The NX Has Ahead Of It

We all have an idea of the difficult road the Nintendo NX has ahead of it, but some newly released numbers reveal just how difficult that road will be.

Video Games September 27, 2016

Nintendo NX 'Leak' Reveals Price, Release Date On UK Retail Site

Rumors about an imminent Nintendo NX reveal are starting up, thanks to a UK-based supermarket retailer posting a landing page for the console on its site.

Video Games September 26, 2016

Pokémon Company CEO Spills The Beans: Nintendo NX Is Definitely A Handheld And Regular Console Hybrid

The Pokémon Company's leading man spilled the beans on the Nintendo NX. It's confirmed that the device will be both handheld and home console in one.

Gadgets September 22, 2016

Nintendo NX Details To Be Unveiled By Early October: Hype Builds Up For The Mysterious Console

Speculations on the Nintendo NX have been running rampant, but they might soon end. According to a Wall Street Journal report, the official details of the mysterious console will be released by Nintendo in early October.

Video Games September 10, 2016

Nintendo Is Giving Away An NX Console - But There's A Catch (Or Three)

Nintendo may not have said anything about the NX, but that hasn't stopped it from announcing that it will be giving some away as a grand prize to winners of a recently-announced 'Splatoon' tournament. The tournament starts on Sept. 11.

Video Games September 7, 2016

Nintendo NX Will Shun Discs, Use Cartridges Instead: Why This Is A Good Idea, Aside From Nostalgia

A Wall Street Journal report further confirms that the Nintendo NX will be using cartridges instead of discs. Nostalgia is one of the reasons for the decision, but there are many more.

Video Games September 3, 2016

Nintendo NX Rumors: Hybrid Console's Detachable Controllers Will Support Motion Control, Multiple Vibration Levels

The latest rumor on the hybrid Nintendo NX console claims that its detachable controllers have basic motion control support like that of the Wii Remote Plus. The controllers are also said to have advanced vibration force feedback.

Video Games August 27, 2016

'Dragon Quest XI' Gets Confirmed For The Nintendo NX Again

'Dragon Quest' game series creator Yuji Horii confirms the Nintendo NX port for 'Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time.' Horii also reveals some difficult technical aspects of the upcoming console title.

Video Games August 24, 2016

Report: Nintendo NX Is A Handheld Console That Plugs Into TV, Uses Cartridges

New details about Nintendo's next console have surfaced. The NX is reported to be a handheld device, confirming earlier rumors.

Video Games July 26, 2016

Ubisoft Believes Nintendo NX Could Get 'More Casual Players Back To The Industry'

Ubisoft’s CEO was recently quoted, saying he firmly believes the upcoming Nintendo NX should be able to attract more casual gamers when it launches. Nintendo’s gaming rig is slated for a release next year.

Gadgets July 21, 2016

Design A Nintendo T-Shirt And Win $10,000 Plus An NX

Clothing company Uniqlo wants to see your best Nintendo-related T-shirt designs, but that's not all: the best design will win the prize of all prizes: $10,000 plus a Nintendo NX console.

Video Games July 1, 2016

Shigeru Miyamoto On Why Nintendo Hasn't Revealed The NX Yet

Nintendo's still not ready to talk about its next console just yet — but according to Shigeru Miyamoto, there's a good reason for that.

Video Games June 28, 2016

Nintendo On Why 'Zelda' Games Tend To Miss Their Release Dates

There's no denying that 'Legend of Zelda' games are amazing, but they do have a tendency to miss their original release dates. So, the question is - why does this keep happening?

Video Games June 24, 2016

Warner Bros.' Vow To Support The NX Doesn't Mean Much For Nintendo

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has made it clear that it intends to support the Nintendo NX down the line. However, that vow actually doesn't mean much for Nintendo.

Video Games June 24, 2016

The Latest Nintendo NX Rumor Batch Is A Veritable Mix Of Fact And Fiction

More Nintendo rumors have begun to emerge about the NX, and even though some seem believable, there's too many unbelievable aspects about it to take the whole package seriously.

Video Games June 20, 2016

Surprise, Surprise: 'Zelda: Breath Of the Wild' Was Delayed For The Nintendo NX Launch

When the Nintendo NX was first revealed, many assumed that 'The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild' had been delayed to launch alongside it. As it turns out, that's exactly what happened.

Video Games June 20, 2016

The Nintendo NX Sure Is Receiving A Lot Of Support For A Console Most Know Nearly Nothing About

No one really knows much about the upcoming Nintendo NX. However, that hasn't stopped various third-party developers from throwing their preliminary support behind the upcoming console.

Video Games June 20, 2016

Is Nintendo's Decision To Ignore VR A Repeat Of Past Mistakes?

Nintendo is once again choosing to remain behind its competitors, when it is in the perfect position to meet them on even ground for the first time in years.

Video Games June 16, 2016

Nintendo NX: Developers Know Just As Much About Nintendo's Mystery Console As We Do

Don't worry if you don't know anything about the Nintendo NX. As it turns out, many third-party developers don't know anything about Nintendo's mystery console, either.

Video Games June 3, 2016

Nintendo NX Mass Production Reportedly Postponed To Early 2017 To Add VR Functionality

If a recent report is to believed, then Nintendo isn't as confident in the NX as it has let on. The company has postponed mass production of the console to add VR functionality and reduced its order volume because of fears caused by the Wii U's poor shipment performance.

Video Games June 2, 2016

Nintendo Developing New Handheld Codenamed 'MH': Will It Be A Standalone Or Mobile Component Of NX?

Reports have surfaced that indicate that, alongside the NX, Nintendo is also working on a handheld called the 'MH.' However, whether the MH is an actual handheld console or the mobile component of the NX has yet to be determined.

Video Games May 24, 2016

Rumor: Nintendo NX Will Be Less Powerful Than PS4, Closer To Xbox One

After rumors said that the Nintendo NX will have more power than the PS4, renowned game blogger Emily Rogers said that it will in fact be 'closer to Xbox One' in terms of raw performance.

Video Games May 16, 2016

Nintendo Head Honcho Kimishima Talks NX, Sheds Light On Upcoming Console

Nintendo's President Tatsumi Kimishima has shared some details on the impending next-gen console from the company - the Nintendo NX. The console will debut in March 2017, and its late release will not impact the company's Wii U sales, says Kimishima.

Video Games May 16, 2016

Nintendo NX Confirmed To Launch Globally In March 2017 With A Brand-New Concept

It's official: the much-rumored Nintendo NX will hit the scene in March 2017, launching globally. Nintendo confirmed the release in its latest financial report, which shows the company is gearing up for a 'brand-new concept.'

Gadgets April 27, 2016

Hints Of PlayStation NEO, Nintendo NX And Xbox One Slim Surface: Did AMD Jump The Gun?

AMD's quarterly earnings call is out, and it came with news about three upcoming chips for gaming products. This could be a hint for the PlayStation NEO, Nintendo NX and Xbox One Slim.

Video Games April 23, 2016

Nintendo NX Reportedly More Powerful Than PS4 'By A Noticeable Amount' In CPU, GPU And Memory: More Details

A tipster stirred great hype among Nintendo fans, claiming that the NX console will pack more powerful specs than the PS4. Information about a number of Wii U remastered titles also appeared in the post and Nintendo gamers should rejoice.

Gadgets April 15, 2016

New 'Legend Of Zelda' Wii U Rumor Says Players Can Choose Between Male Or Female Link

The latest rumor says some big changes are in store for Nintendo's next 'Legend of Zelda' entry.

Geek April 8, 2016

New NX Leak Claims It's More Powerful Than PS4 And Ready By 2017, Says Alleged Game Developer

A new leak of the upcoming Nintendo's NX controller has emerged on the Internet suggesting that it is more powerful than PS4 and should be ready by 2017. Here's what we know so far about this latest Nintendo NX rumor.

Gadgets March 28, 2016

How Credible Are All These Nintendo NX Rumors? We Take A Look

Nintendo's new NX console is still shrouded in mystery, but early reports and rumors may have revealed far more than Nintendo would like to admit.

Geek March 26, 2016

More Images Of Nintendo's NX Controller May Have Just Leaked

If these are the real deal, Nintendo is having a tough time keeping a lid on its new console.

Geek March 23, 2016

Report: Nintendo Ending Wii U Production Later This Year

The Wii U has been struggling for almost as long as it's been on the market. And, according to the latest reports, Nintendo may be putting the console to rest later this year.

Geek March 22, 2016

Is This The Nintendo NX Controller? What Gamers Think

Nintendo has a new gaming console in the tow dubbed Nintendo NX and an image of its controller has leaked online. Rumors suggest that the Nintendo NX controller is more touchscreen oriented than physical button based.

Video Games March 21, 2016

Will 'Beyond Good And Evil 2' Be A Nintendo NX Exclusive?

A new rumor, confirmed by several sources, has surfaced that the long-awaited sequel of 'Beyond Good and Evil' may finally appear as an exclusive on Nintendo's next console, the NX.

Geek March 3, 2016

New NX Rumors State Nintendo's Next Console Will Include 'Haptic Feedback'

New rumors about Nintendo's new NX console have hit the web.

Geek February 29, 2016

Nintendo Joins Virtual Reality Hype, Says It's 'Looking' At VR

Nintendo is apparently 'looking' to join the VR bandwagon, as the company expressed its interest in VR during a briefing with its investors. Considering the projected growth of the VR industry by up to $120 billion, it's not hard to imagine why Nintendo would like a piece of the pie.

Wearable Tech February 2, 2016

Nintendo NX Handheld Console Coming This Year As Standalone Portable Gaming Machine: IHS

Nintendo’s NX gaming system might be closer than originally anticipated. IHS senior analyst, Hiroshi Hayase, hinted that Nintendo could showcase the handheld standalone portable console at E3 2016.

Video Games January 30, 2016

Nintendo NX Rumor Roundup: 900p Graphics, Subscription-Based Online Service, Backward Compatibility And More

Since the Nintendo NX has been announced, plenty of rumors have been popping up here and there. Here are a couple of the latest ones we've found so far.

Video Games January 22, 2016

Latest Nintendo NX Rumor Is Yet Another Example Of Why Not To Go Crazy Over NX Rumors

Gamers are mighty curious about Nintendo's new console, with a new rumor saying the machine may be compatible with a variety of other gaming devices.

Geek January 20, 2016

Nintendo Reportedly Expected To Reveal NX Console In June

However, it will likely hurt both 3DS and Wii U sales.

Geek January 6, 2016

Nintendo Patent Might Reveal Their Next Console's Controller

The Nintendo NX, as it's referred to, is speculated to potentially release in 2016.

Geek December 11, 2015

Nintendo President Says New Console NX Is In Development, Calls It Departure From Wii And Wii U

Tatsumi Kimishima promises the company will take gamers far away from the experience the WIi and Wii U established.

Geek December 3, 2015

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