The Overwatch World Cup lineup is now complete.

Earlier in August, Blizzard announced that the first Overwatch World Cup will be held during BlizzCon 2016. Teams around the world will be pitted against each other in the international exhibition, but before all that, the teams had to be chosen.

For that, Blizzard initiated a voting phase where Overwatch players can pick out the participating members of the teams representing their countries. Blizzard provided the nominees, which was made up of local players, skilled community personalities and pro gamers who proved their worth in Competitive Play Season 1.

The votes from the community gave rise to team captains, which received the most votes in their country. The team captains were then given the privilege of picking two members to become part of their team.

More than 3 million votes were cast by the Overwatch community. After being tabulated, these votes resulted in 51 teams around the world, vying for the top spot in the Overwatch World Cup.

Some of the teams include:

Team USA: Seagull (Team Captain), ster, Talespin, Adam, Gods (Captain's Pick), MESR (Captain's Pick)

Team Canada: Surefour (TC), whiz, Poke, lid, LoganDaBest (CP), HuK (CP)

Team Sweden: iddqd (TC), Zave, chipshajen, Zebbosai, cocco (CP), TviQ (CP)

Team Germany: INTERNETHULK (TC), BUR1X, Asura, kr4tosdigga, art1er (CP), skipjack (CP)

Team France: AlphaCast (TC), Mickalow, Kitty, DeGun, KnOxXx (CP), Kryw (CP)

Team Austria: Mercy (TC), Zazzles, Bommie, Wat7, Thrittly (CP), Acepalm (CP)

Team CIS and Baltic Area: vallutaja (TC), InvictuS, clozz, Forsak3n, Anak (CP), evokje (CP)

Team China: iGFireRoy (TC), iGiCELee, iGFireLinkin, iGFireYjjPP, iGFireNai8 (CP), iGFireTresor (CP)

Team Korea: Miro (TC), zunba, 류제홍, EscA, MiGTaiRong (CP), MiGArHaN (CP)

Team Japan: StylishNoob (TC), XQQ, delave, Novady, Nypro (CP), ShoGuN (CP)

Team ANZ: Muselk (TC), Refz, termo, Kura, yuki (CP), HeyKatie (CP)

Beginning September, the teams will be taking part in the best-of-three, single-elimination qualifiers online. Come November, just 16 teams will be making their way to BlizzCon for the round-robin group stages and single-elimination finals. To ensure that all regions are well-represented, Blizzard has set that out of the 16 teams competing, four will come from the Americas, six from Europe and six from the Asia-Pacific.

There is no prize pool for the Overwatch World Cup, but the top 16 teams will be receiving appearance bonuses. Their trip to BlizzCon will also be free and they get bragging rights as the first teams to participate in the finals of the first Overwatch championship.

BlizzCon 2016 is set for Nov. 4 and 5 at the Anaheim Convention Center in California.

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