Apple To Clean Up App Store: Outdated, Abandoned Apps Getting Removed


Apple is getting rid of outdated and abandoned apps on the App Store in a bid to help users find what they're looking for without rummaging through copious amounts of software.

First off, the problem is that there are more than 2 million apps for the iPhone and iPad as of June 2016, and as everyone can imagine, it's no easy task to uncover the right app in the huge selection, not to mention that there are developers who put up entries that have similar names to popular apps or long names that'll just confuse users into downloading them.

The issues don't end there either, as there are some app makers who use SEO techniques so that their apps will be more visible whenever users key in searches. To clear things up, when someone searches for "Instagram," what they'll see at the results is a lot of other apps that's trying to overshadow Instagram.

In a better-late-than-never move, Apple is finally removing those problematic apps from the App Store.

"To make it easier for customers to find great apps that fit their needs, we want to ensure that apps available on the App Store are functional and up-to-date. We are implementing an ongoing process of evaluating apps, removing apps that no longer function as intended, don't follow current review guidelines or are outdated," the Cupertino brand says on the updated developer's website support page.

For the record, this includes apps that were likely built on an older version of iOS and the ones that crash from the get-go.

Now, the company will start cleaning up the App Store on Sept. 7, and developers who have apps that fit the removal criteria and want to stay on the platform will have to update their apps within 30 days after receiving a notice. Take note that there's also a new 50-character limit for the names.

This is just one of the latest efforts of Apple to improve users' experience. Recently, it launched a new 2 TB storage option for the iCloud ahead of the iPhone 7.

Speaking of the iPhone 7, this push to tidy things up at the App Store is the same day as the company's big event where it's expected to unveil not only the next iteration of the smartphone but also the Apple Watch 2 and many others.

What do you think of Apple's move to remove crooked apps? Drop by our comments section below and let us know.

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