Google is beefing up Google Analytics to let it provide users with the most important details in a jiffy.

Using machine intelligence, it can find trends efficiently "among the thousands of metric and dimension combinations," and thanks to this, it can let users "see in five minutes what might have taken hours to discover previously."

"Go beyond simple reporting to view findings and insights automatically, in language you can read: our insight stream enables faster, more informed decision-making that can have real impact on your business," Ajay Nainani, Google Analytics product manager, says.

To clear things up, Nainani gives an example on how the new feature will benefit retailers in the holiday season. With the update at hand, the app can give an idea of what products are going to be popular during the busiest time of the year and where ads are going to be the most effective. On top of that, it can also provide information about where customers are finding out about the store and where they are making purchases.

As everyone can imagine, these insights will give both huge and small businesses a great way to prepare moving forward.

It's worth mentioning that website and app owners will also get to immediately see whenever they get a surge in users and its origin. That just goes to show how practically anyone can take advantage of the update.

As for what else is new, it can also offer recommendations and tips that'll help any user improve their Google Analytics data, and moreover, it'll get smarter day by day depending on their usage and feedback.

Now, the new feature is already available on the Android and iOS app via the Assistant screen. Meanwhile, it's still under development for the web version of Google Analytics, but it should roll out soon enough.

For the record, Google Analytics is now included in the set of marketing tools that the Mountain View company has in store called the Analytics 360 Suite.

Long story short, businesses big and small and website and app developers can now get important insights in a snap using the mobile version of Google Analytics, and they will have access to it through the web in due time too.

What do you think of the update? Feel free to drop by our comments section below and let us know, especially about whether or not you find it useful in your ventures.

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