Firewatch, the first-person adventure video game, is coming to Microsoft Xbox One in September, confirms game developer Campo Santo.

The video game was released in February this year for a number of gaming platforms including the Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4). However, Xbox One owners were left disappointed because the game has taken months to arrive on the console.

On Sept. 2, Campo Santo confirmed that the wait for Xbox One owners will be over as Firewatch is officially arriving on the Microsoft gaming console on Sept. 21.

"You've been inquiring and those inquiries were not falling on deaf ears. We're thrilled to finally be sharing Firewatch with our friends in the Xbox community," says Campo Santo.

The game developer released a new trailer of Firewatch and has confirmed a major update for the game across all platforms.

"Along with the main game, we're also shipping the Firewatch Audio Tour (a free update for all customers!) which we'll talk a little bit more about tomorrow. The short version: one part scavenger hunt, one part museum tour, one part game dev workshop, mixed with a dash of inside Campo Santo goofs," added Campo Santo.

Additionally, the game developer is also introducing a new free-roam mode to Firewatch, which will allow players to explore the game's world and discover embedded secrets in the world. Xbox One owners will be the first to get this mode and other platforms will have to wait a few weeks for the novel mode.

Firewatch has been a success since its launch in February. Reports suggest that the game sold more than half a million copies within its first month and generated $10 million in revenue. Firewatch was also the top-selling game on Sony PlayStation Network (PSN) in February this year.

"Welcome back! Campo Santo's long-awaited Firewatch lit a path to the top of February's PS4 charts, followed closely by Far Cry Primal and fan-favorite Rocket League," says a PlayStation blog post.

Campo Santo was not expecting such an impressive reception from Firewatch and the developer took to Twitter and revealed that the sales were beyond their expectations.

It remains to be seen if the arrival of Firewatch on Xbox One and the new update is able to attract more gamers in the near term.

Check out the September 2016 trailer of Firewatch.

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