Remember Firewatch - developer Campo Santo's first-ever console title for PlayStation 4? The exploration mystery game unveiled at E3 2015 has finally gotten a release date.

On Feb. 9, 2016, the developer's debut game will be released for Windows, PS4, Linux and Mac.

"Circle February 9 on your calendar, gather your friends, and put your camping trips on hold: Firewatch is coming to Windows, Mac, Linux and PlayStation 4. At the same time!" revealed the developer in a blog post on Oct. 12.

Campo Santo is a small studio, and the developer began working on Firewatch in January 2014. The team behind Firewatch is busy "polishing, optimizing, writing and developing" the remaining aspects of the title.

The developers are excited to push out the game and are aiming for a worldwide release of Firewatch, which will be simultaneous in all countries.

Campo Santo's Sean Vanaman divulged that the team would give more details as the release date nears. Moreover, gamers will also have the opportunity to test out the game as the studio is eyeing a hands-on for those who are in San Francisco. This opportunity will likely be for the version running on PS4 hardware.

For the unfamiliar, Firewatch is a mystery game which has the Wyoming wilderness as its background. The survival adventure game's description creates an aura of mystery by letting on that the gamer's only "emotional lifeline" will be another person, who will be at the "other end of a handheld radio."

Gamers will play as Henry, who has taken a back seat from the hustle and bustle of daily life to work in the Wyoming wilderness as a fire lookout. Henry's job will be to watch out for danger signs such as smoke and keep the area safe from fires.

As the dry, hot summer season approaches and the threat of forest fires increases, tensions will run high. Henry can fall back on Delilah, his supervisor, whom he will have access to over a handheld radio.

The developers also released some new screenshots of the game to accompany the release announcement, which can be viewed at this link

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