The imagination of Halo 5 players and the potential of the game's Forge creation suite never ceases to amaze.

Over the past few weeks we've highlighted numerous Forge creations that have transformed Microsoft's sci-fi FPS into a pirate ship simulator, a virtual beer pong game and more. This week it's a Legend of Zelda boss battle that is responsible for forcing us to pick our jaws up off the floor.

Yes, you read that correctly. A creator by the name of CaptainDireWolf (via iKampfer on YouTube) has recreated a boss battle from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in Halo 5. That boss is none other than Bongo Bongo, the terrifying creature that awaits players at the end of Ocarina of Time's seventh dungeon.

The creation isn't just window dressing either. It's one thing to visually recreate Bongo Bongo in Forge, but it's another entirely to actually create an entire boss battle scenario based on the Legend of Zelda encounter. In Halo 5's Bongo Bongo boss battle, players must use their weapons to shoot the red weak points on Bongo Bongo's four massive hands. Sounds simple enough, but Bongo Bongo proves to be fairly adept at pushing players off the level to their deaths.

Adding to the difficulty is the fact that slain players return to life as Infected, who attempt to kill the remaining human players in the name of Bongo Bongo. If players can shoot the four red weak points on each hand, weak points (aka explosive barrels) will then appear on Bongo Bongo's face. Shoot them to defeat the boss once and for all, and players are transported to a Halo 5 recreation of Ocarina of Time's Chamber of the Sages.

To call the map incredible would be a massive understatement. It just goes to show how nearly anything is possible in Forge, and that there are numerous possibilities when it comes to adding fresh new ideas to Halo's multiplayer formula.

The best part about all these impressive Forge creations is the fact that this is just the beginning. Halo 5: Forge is set to arrive for free on Windows 10 this month, which should open up the game's powerful creation tools to an even greater number of users. When combined with mouse and keyboard support, players should be able to craft even more insane custom games even more efficiently than before. We can't wait to see what fans come up with.

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