Halo 5 is still going strong. Though the game's campaign proved to be a little lackluster, its excellent multiplayer and frequent updates mean thousands of players are still playing regularly.

Forge is also to thank for the prolonged interest. Users of Halo 5's custom map and gametype creation tools continue to impress. Just when it doesn't seem like anybody can top Star Wars-style space battles, some crazy craftsman goes ahead and makes something even more incredible.

Case in point: this pirate ship battle simulator from CaptainDireWolf. Called Black Flags, the custom gametype supports two teams and up to 12 players. Players board one of the map's two pirate ships and then sail into battle with one another.

How does one make a pirate ship in Halo, you ask? It was done using "vehicle welding," a method that allows users to essentially graft objects onto the game's existing vehicles in order to create entirely new ones. These pirate ships, for example, are built around a Scorpion tank that resides in the middle of the craft. One player drives the tank, which in turn pilots the ship as well. The driver can also fire the tanks cannon, which serves as a substitute for proper pirate ship weaponry.

However, it gets better. There are treasure chests sprinkled around the map that designate the spawn points for various power weapons, so players can choose to stay on land and hunt for anti-ship weaponry or board their team's respective craft. Players are equipped with swords as well, which makes for some perfect swashbuckling moments as players lock blades in close-ship encounters. As mentioned below in the video from ZannyVids, the creation isn't perfect, but it still sounds like a great time.

It's one of the best Forge creations we've seen to date, right up there with Quidditch, Beer Pong and of course, the before-mentioned Star Wars space battles.

All that just goes to show that, with a little imagination and the right tools, in this case, Forge, players can cook up almost anything they can dream up. Halo 5's Forge mode is releasing for free for Windows 10 users later this year, which will likely result in even more impressive creations. Even more Forge tools are on the way as well. Though Halo 5 has received its last major update, developer 343 Industries promises there is more Forge goodness to come. That's good news, as we can't wait to see what players cook up next.

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