We all know how the story of Grease goes: boy meets girl, they fall in summer love, girl gets transferred to boy's high school, boy ignores girl, boy gets girl, loses her and girl changes her appearance to get guy. Then, they live happily ever after riding off in a convertible in the sky.

Fans of the iconic film that has been performed as a musical in every school across the country know every single detail about Grease, from the wardrobe to the lyrics and the lines. However, there is a fan theory floating around that won't just break your heart, it will completely kill the movie for you.

According to the theory, Sandy never became the outcast member of the Pink Ladies, never stranded Danny at the drive-in, never got ditched at the prom, and nope, never even wore those tight leather pants while pretending that she smoked a cigarette to be cool.

In fact, Sandy was really dead.

This might sound a bit far-fetched, but since we love a good "it's all in her head" debate, let's give the ghost of Sandy a chance and humor Redditor atomicbolt on this one.

The Reddit user believes that "the entire movie was a drowning woman's coma fantasy."

Danny explains during the hit number "Summer Nights" that he met someone with whom he really hit it off at the beach. He goes on to explain that he "saved her life, she nearly drowned."


What if Sandy didn't necessarily recovery from her near-death experience? As the theory has it, Sandy is drowning, and without the ability to breathe, she loses consciousness and slips into a coma.

Also, since this is a coma we are talking about, cue the wildly-entertaining dream sequences filled with dance numbers and her own fantasy of how her summer romance turn into a long-term affair come into play.

If you think about it, what are the chances her family randomly wakes up one morning before the start of school to tell Sandy they are leaving Australia and she will now attend Rydell High in the U.S.? Wouldn't such a big move be planned out weeks beforehand?

Now, not every fantasy is full of sunshine and rainbows. This was a serious life-threatening situation, so Sandy's coma dreams are filled with drama between the two love birds, as well as lots of hopeless ballads.

However, finally, Danny pulls her out of the water and tries to save her, bringing the two close together one last time. Now, Sandy can die happy knowing he cared as she flies off into heaven — just like at the end of the movie — being the cooler, prettier and happy-in-love version of herself as she waves goodbye to her earthly existence.


Source: Reddit 

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