You might reach a point where you'll feel afraid of losing your brand new Apple AirPods. For those who are unaware of what is happening, Apple removed the beloved 3.5mm jack from the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, and with that, many headphones became almost useless.

If folks want to use their old earphones, they can pick up an adapter, but for those who want to move into the future with Apple, the AirPods are the best thing available right now.

The Apple AirPods are wireless earphones that come without any form of wires attached. Usually, a wireless headphone would still have wires that connect both speakers, but this is entirely different. Each speaker is its own thing, and each has sensors that can automatically turn off music whenever the device is removed from the ear.

The problem is, what if a user is jogging, and one or both AirPods fall out? There's no wire to keep them from falling on the ground and into a ditch. That's a huge design flaw, but not to worry, this can all be fixed on the cheap.

There's something called the Spigen AirPods Strap, and it's all about keeping your AirPods safe from doom. The strap is just a single cord that connects to both AirPods. The strap is then placed behind your neck for better usability.

Should one of the AirPods fall out of your ear, it will be held together by the strap and the other AirPod still situated in the next ear. Many are quite surprised Apple managed to be blinded by such an important aspect of the earphone's design.

When it comes down to the length of the strap, we understand it's 21.8 inches long. That's similar to what we've come to expect from most wireless headphones that have been released to the market.

Spigen made sure its AirPods Strap comes with a small wire holder that can be used to hold the strap until it is needed for use once more. It can also wrap around the charging case for the AirPods.

Folks who are interested can purchase the Spigen AirPods Strap directly from Amazon for $10.

We're happy to realize that Apple is still willing to innovate and push the envelope. However, the AirPods need more work before we can view them as the perfect and must-have set of earbuds.

The Apple AirPods are set to go on sale by October for the cool price of $159. They have a maximum battery life of 5 hours and come with a charging case.

This device was unveiled on Sept. 7 during the announcement of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

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