Apple has released a special set of Super Mario Run stickers for the iMessage app and was made available at the App Store for free as the iOS 10 officially rolled out. This is part of Apple's new partnership with Nintendo, which is expected to be launched this week.

The high-quality Super Mario Run sticker set was first announced during the Sept. 7 iPhone 7 launch. It contains various graphics of the popular Nintendo mascot, from close-ups of his face in various expressions to Mario poses designed to enliven messages and conversations. Unfortunately, there is no sign of Luigi or his notorious stare in the set.

There is also an option to use Mario elements to edit personal photos. For example, a user can stick a Mario mustache, a Mario nose or a Mario cap into a selfie.

"Show off your feelings with Mario's expressions or use items to decorate your conversations to make them look like a scene from Mario's world," says the app description.

The sticker set can already be downloaded on an iOS device, although it is not yet part of the Messages App Store. It will also not work on devices running iOS 10 beta or previous iOS versions. Tech Times posted a guide to iOS 10 firmware installation.

To use the sticker after download, users only need to open the app drawer in messages and drag the sticker into the conversation.

Certainly, the Super Mario Run sticker pack is just a precursor to the upcoming release of a Mario game with the same title this December. It is the same as unleashing Mario to your phone and friends as a daily reminder that he will be coming very soon. It is also currently offering to notify iOS users once the game finally hits the App Store.

"We could not be more honored that Nintendo chose to bring Mario to iOS first," Cook said during the iPhone 7 keynote presentation.

Super Mario Run is a Mario-themed endless runner game like Temple Run, where the character runs to the right of the screen, collecting coins and avoiding obstacles or enemies along the way. The game is also expected to include a Toad Rally option, which is a battle mode where players compete against each other.

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