InFocus is taking the "mobile desktop" concept to the next level with its new Kangaroo Notebook, a Windows 10-powered laptop with two swappable mini PCs.

The Kangaroo Notebook sports an 11.6-inch HD screen and a dock, and bundles two interchangeable Kangaroo Mini PCs, both running Windows 10, to keep work and play separate on the go.

The Kangaroo Notebook is set to start shipping in mid-October from Newegg, sporting a $299 price point. The gadget basically builds on the original Kangaroo PC idea and brings it to laptops to make it more portable.

The best thing about the Kangaroo Notebook, however, is that it doesn't even require connecting a monitor, keyboard or mouse, as it's a fully equipped laptop. The Kangaroo Notebook has its own keyboard and Synaptics clickpad, as well as a webcam, microphone, speakers, battery and ports.

The swappable mini PC modules, meanwhile, aim to allow users to keep their business and personal matters separately, basically using two different PCs in on single gadget. If having separate accounts on the same PC doesn't do the trick, having separate PC modules might.

InFocus touts that its Kangaroo Notebook is the world's first modular notebook, as "the ability to own 2 computer[s] at the same time has never been done before."

The interchangeable Kangaroo Mini PC modules enable users to have completely separate PC experience because they're independent from each other. Each module comes with its own 2 GB of RAM, 32 GB of storage and an Intel Z8350 Cherrytrail processor, promising safety and security.

InFocus highlights that this new level of content segregation and privacy could be incredibly useful for shared home PCs, when you have to share the device but not the information stored on it.

"With Kangaroo Notebook, we put the power to create private, individualized computing experiences directly into the hands of our customers," says Kangaroo sales chief Ben Chu. "The modular design of this new mobile computing bundle gives our customers a different level of flexibility and control over how they want to manage personal computing, particularly in the home."

InFocus further notes that the $299 price point is "introductory," but doesn't mention how much the Kangaroo Notebook will cost once the launch promo is over.

The drawback is that you can only use one module at a time and you can't use the modules independently from the chassis. Nevertheless, this modular notebook does bring an interesting concept and makes it easy to keep separate computing experiences even on the go.

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