Microsoft Improves Outlook With Facebook Photos And Google Drive Integration


In the near future, users will be able to send Google Drive documents and Facebook Photos via email to their friends, families, and colleagues.

Microsoft has decided to add some useful features that might transform into a must-have email service.

In the next few weeks, Microsoft plans on adding the nifty tools. Whenever they are made available, folks should see them under the attachment options.

"Today, we added three enhancements to make sharing simple. First, we extended the cloud storage capabilities for by adding support for Google Drive," says Microsoft via the Outlook blog. "Second, we added the ability to share your Facebook photos from Outlook. And finally, we made it easier to find files and photos buried in long email conversations."

This is not the first time Microsoft has added Google Drive and Facebook photo integration to Outlook. The company's Android and iOS apps have both had these features for quite some time.

Unfortunately for those who use Windows 10 Mobile and the previous versions, these options were not added, suggesting once again that Microsoft may be showing more love toward third-party mobile operating systems than its own.

Microsoft might add these options to the Windows 10 Mobile app after it is finished doing so to

Outside of the new features, Microsoft is also adding something it calls "attachment view" to We're not certain if this feature has already been added to Android and iOS, but we're guessing if not, it shouldn't take long.

Whenever a message has been received with several attachments, users can just click on the attachment icon and a thread with all the attached documents should pop up at the bottom.

We didn't get the chance to use these features because Microsoft is being very slow in rolling out the new Outlook to all users. At the moment, many users are stuck with the old user interface, despite the new one having been released months ago.

The new UI is important for users to gain access to this new feature, so we're hoping Microsoft will roll it out quickly before the end of 2016.

Microsoft has been doing a lot of cool things with Outlook lately. The company made it possible for users to check their emails using HoloLens. This means, users can view holographic emails, but whether or not that is useful is something left to be seen. Still, it's a cool addition in a bid to prop up its headset, which is being sold to developers for $3,000.

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