Google Play Books Makes It Easier To ‘Discover’ New Titles With New Feature


Whether it's on a Samsung Galaxy or Note smartphone or an Android tablet, many people use their devices to sink their teeth into a good page-turner, whether it's during long work commutes, when taking a trip or when curling up in bed.

When it comes to making their next book purchase, those who read on their smart devices are already familiar with the Google Play Store. Now, Google is making it even easier for users to find new titles worth downloading with its new "Discover" feature.

Google Play Books features an organized home page that includes customized recommendations, genres, top charts, new arrivals and the ability to search for exactly what the reader is shopping for.

However, if the reader doesn't know exactly which title they want to pick up next, they can now use the new Discover feature to let them find a book by reading the latest reviews, news, bestseller lists and more.

"The feature is designed to enhance your reading experience even further by helping you discover new books and find what's right for you," Eric Stromberg, Google Play Books product manager, writes in a blog post.

The feature is now available in the Google Play Books app for Android. Users simply need to tap on the Discover tab to see the stories from around the web about a particular book. This could be the next hit book that is currently being made into a movie, or a review that praises a book from a popular author.

Using Google's algorithms, Discover will also provide personalized stories for each user based on the types of books they commonly read on Google Play Books. Then, when the user is reading a particular article or watching a video on a book, Discover will present them with that mentioned book so that they can immediately check it out via a free sample, or buy the book with just a few taps.

Discover also features what is called "Weekly Highlights," which is the SparkNotes version of all these news, reviews and videos in the literary world for those short on time. This roundup pulls the most relevant stories that are the most buzzed-about.

With the launch of this new feature comes Google Play Editorial, a new space where readers can find author interviews, essays and book recommendations for the top writers right now.

Discover is now available in the United States for the Android version of Google Play Books app, and is "coming soon" to iOS.

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