It is happening again. Halloween, that is.

Everyone's favorite holiday where a costume is not only encouraged but required is right around the corner, and if you haven't already planned out your outfit, it's time to start doing so. It can be intimidating to narrow it down to just one costume, but we've got you covered. Pop culture always provides a bevy of inspiration, and what better time to do an outfit inspired by Twin Peaks than now?

The co-creators of Twin Peaks, David Lynch and Mark Frost, recently announced that the cult classic would be returning to TV for its 25th anniversary in 2016. Everyone will still be super stoked about the news come Halloween, so your costume is sure to be a hit at that spooky shindig you're going to. Plus, there's so many kooky characters on Twin Peaks whose wardrobes are just begging to be turned into costumes. Here's how you can return to Twin Peaks this Halloween with just a quick visit to your local H&M.

FBI Agent Dale Cooper

It's all about a slick, crisp suit for this special agent investigating the murder of Laura Palmer in the town of Twin Peaks. And never leave home without your mug for some "damn good coffee."

Black suit jacket +

Black suit pants +

White button-down shirt + 

Tie +

Beige trench coat + 

Coffee mug

= FBI Agent Dale Cooper 

Audrey Horne

Audrey is a well-off girly-girl who never met a wooly sweater, pleated skirt and pair of saddle shoes she didn't like. Any version of each of those will have you looking like Audrey in no time.

Sweater +

Pleated skirt + 

Oxford shoes

= Audrey Horne

The Man from Another Place

All you need to look like the Man from Another Place in Dale's dream sequences is a red suit and shirt. Oh, and some hypnotic dance moves, too.

Red suit jacket + 

Red suit pants +

Red button-down shirt

= The Man from Another Place

Laura Palmer

Though the image of a blue, deceased Laura wrapped in plastic is ingrained in our minds, if you want to wear something that's a little more comfortable and way less morbid, you can be the Laura from Dale's dream sequence. Bonus points if you talk backwards the whole night.

Black dress +

Gold, pearly necklace

= Dale's dream sequence Laura Palmer

Margaret Lanterman, a.k.a. The Log Lady

For some reason, the townspeople of Twin Peaks thought Margaret was crazy for carrying a log with clairvoyant powers. But the great thing about Halloween is that no one will bat an eye if you do it.

Colorful glasses +

Flannel shirt +

Turtleneck +

Bow tie +

Piece of wood

= Margaret Lanterman

Dennis/Denise Bryson

David Duchovny didn't look so great wearing women's clothing, but maybe you will!

Brown jacket +

Beige shirt +

Brown skirt +

Gold necklace

= Denise Bryson

Shelly Johnson/Norma Jennings

Put on your Double R Diner uniform and serve up a slice of the best cherry pie in town.

Blue dress +

Headband +

Hoop earrings

= Double R Diner waitress

Dick Tremayne

Dick is a snappy dresser and one of the more fashionable characters on the show (at least he thinks so). Any costume that includes a mish mosh of patterns and a smarmy grin will do just fine.

Patterned cardigan +

Different patterened button-down shirt +

Turtleneck +

Neutral over coat

= Dick Tremayne

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