After a weekend spent speculating about the meaning behind David Lynch and Mark Frost's cryptic tweets on Friday, Oct. 3, we finally found out the answer today.

The creators of the cult TV show Twin Peaks announced on Oct. 6 that the series will in fact return to Showtime in 2016. It will mark the 25th anniversary of the series finale on ABC.

Many speculated that a continuation of Twin Peaks was in the works after Lynch and Frost simultaneously tweeted, "Dear Twitter Friends: That gum you like is going to come back in style! #damngoodcoffee" on Oct. 3, referencing iconic lines from the show. Lynch and Frost again sent out identical tweets today to confirm the return of Twin Peaks, along with a video that teased the series would be coming back to Showtime in 2016.

 Fans of Twin Peaks are no doubt delighted by this news, but it really shouldn't be much of a surprise. The series left us with the message that it would see us again in 25 years.

The original broadcast of the series finale of Twin Peaks aired on June 10, 1991 on ABC, according to The Verge. If you recall, in the finale, Laura Palmer, whose death kicks off the series, tells FBI Agent Dale Cooper, "I'll see you again in 25 years." Lynch and Frost have already confirmed that the nine-episode resurrection of Twin Peaks will premiere in 2016 on Showtime, so it would be such a missed opportunity if the premiere date didn't end up being on June 10, 2016.

The timing is perfect and yet, it might be slightly off. June 10, 2016 falls on a Friday, which is known as not the greatest night to air for a TV show. Like most cable networks, Sunday is Showtime's big night for new TV show premieres. Its hit drama Homeland currently airs on that night. Showtime might not want to reserve a huge event like the return of Twin Peaks for a night people usually don't stay home to watch TV.

However, being that we live in the age of DVRs and instant streaming online, Showtime may decide that airing Twin Peaks on June 10, 2016 will be worth it. You know there's plenty of diehard fans that would sacrifice their Friday nights for nine weeks just for the chance to return to Twin Peaks anyway.

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