Good news, Arrow fans. Your favorite emerald archer is coming to the über-hyped LEGO Batman 3 video game in his as-seen-on-TV form.

TT Games has announced that a DLC pack is in the works for LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham that is based entirely around Arrow content. The pack comes with a full level of the game, which is set on that all-important mystery island, Lian Yu. You'll play as both Oliver Queen and Slade Wilson, working your way to a mercenary camp from the hideout where the plane crashed. And here's the best part: TT Games got Stephen Amell himself to narrate the level's story.

The pack also introduces a new roster of playable characters, all of whom are from the TV show. They include John Diggle, Felicity Smoak, Helena Bertinelli aka Huntress, Sarah Lance aka Canary, Slade Wilson, Roy Harper and Malcolm Merlin. Each one gets abilities unique to their character, and can be played in Free Play mode throughout the entire game.

In related news, TT Games has today announced three more characters coming to its insanely huge and ever-growing roster of playables. These three are villains, but don't feel bad if you haven't heard of them all. They're not on the level of Joker or Lex Luthor. They are: vigilante antihero Manchester Black, Toyman, and Trickster. Toyman has fought many heroes across the DC universe, while Trickster is remembered primarily as a Flash villain. Manchester Black is best known for his role from Action Comics #775, the infamous "What's So Funny About Truth, Justice & the American Way?" issue.

With the game's release nigh, you have to wonder how many more characters, if any, the developers still have to announce.

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