A ‘Lego Batman’ spinoff is in the works


Who knew a movie about Legos would be so popular? After the success of The Lego Movie earlier this year, Warner Bros. announced that it has a sequel in the works, featuring the standout character of Batman.

The animated sequel will be entirely based on the famed superhero Batman. The character, voiced by Will Arnett, stole the spotlight in The Lego Movie. So it only makes sense that Batman and Legos join forces again on the big screen.

The Lego Batman spinoff is not the only adaptation of the icon Marvel comic book character. Ben Affleck is taking on the role of the caped crusader in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Adman West, the actor who played Batman in the 1960s live-action series, complimented Affleck during New York Comic Con at the Javits Center on Thursday. West said Affleck will bring something "fresh and meaningful" to the iconic superhero.

West will be voicing Batman in the Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham video games that will be released Nov.11.

But Will Arnett's animated Batman might give Affleck a run for his money if it becomes as successful as the first. The Lego Movie grossed about $500 million worldwide.

The Lego Batman sequel will be directed by Chris McKay, who is known for being a reoccurring director for Robot Chicken and was the animated supervisor of The Lego Movie.

Another Lego spinoff called Ninjago about Lego ninjas is also in the works and will be released Sept. 23, 2016. Warner Bros. expects to release the Lego Batman film after in 2017.

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