Marvel's Civil War II event has already claimed the lives of the Hulk and War Machine, at least for the time being. Now, five issues into the eight-issue event series, writer Brian Michael Bendis is teasing that the body count may be about to get even larger as Iron Man and Captain Marvel's opposing sides come to blows.

Spoilers for Civil War II #5 below!

Seriously, turn back now if you don't want it spoiled.

While there have been a few arguments and scraps over the past five issues between Iron Man and Captain Marvel's followers, issue five sees the two sides engaging in a massive throwdown. Iron Man's side believes that the visions provided by the Inhuman named Ulysses aren't to be fully trusted or acted upon, while followers of Captain Marvel believe they should be using the visions to prevent crime and other events before they happen.

One of Ulysses' visions already directly resulted in the death of Bruce Banner, aka the Hulk. Ulysses and the heroes around him at the time glimpsed a future event in which the Hulk went on a murderous rampage. When Iron Man, Captain Marvel and other heroes attempt to confront Banner about the possibility of him allowing such an event to happen, Hawkeye assassinates Banner before the scientist can possibly transform into his angry green alter-ego.

It's the death of Bruce Banner that puts a new vision presented by Ulysses in issue #5 into context. During the middle of the fight between Iron Man and Captain Marvel's forces, Ulysses unleashes a shared vision that goes out to all of the heroes in the battle. His vision clearly shows Miles Morales, the new Spider-Man, killing Captain America. 

Considering what happened to the Hulk, it seems likely that Captain Marvel's team of heroes and maybe even some of Iron Man's followers will look to bring Spider-Man in before he can kill one of the Marvel Universe's greatest heroes, and that might not go so great for young Miles. If they don't bring him in, it's possible Miles could actually kill Captain America, which would be a little weird considering Steve Rogers died during the first Civil War event as well. It's a lose-lose situation.

There is, however, one giant factor that fans know about when it comes to Captain America that the rest of the characters in Marvel's superhero universe don't: Captain America is evil. He's working for Hydra right now after having essentially been brainwashed by Red Skull. Might Spider-Man be killing Captain America in order to prevent him from committing some kind of atrocity? Does Miles learn of Steve's newfound allegiance to Hydra and kill him as a result?

The problem with the visions provided by Ulysses is that they are entirely without context. Nobody knows for sure the "why" of what's happening in the vision. However, one thing is for certain: the vision doesn't bode well for Miles.

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