People have already been making so many complex and amazing creations out of LEGO bricks, so why not drones? A startup called Flybrix is putting LEGO to more good use, offering kits to let you build a working drone out of LEGO parts.

The limited-availability build-a-drone kits from Flybrix are for ages 14 and up and include LEGO bricks, boom-arms and motors and other parts. The drones are fairly easy to build and are designed to fly indoors, not outdoors. Users can control the lightweight LEGO drones via a Bluetooth flight control app from Flybrix, available for free on Android or iOS, or with a manual flight controller available from Flybrix.

While Flybrix is not officially affiliated with Lego, its kits are completely compatible with LEGO. This means that in addition to the parts Flybrix already offers in its kits, users can also customize their drones using other LEGO pieces they have around.

The company also notes that its LEGO drones are "crash-friendly," which means that even if you crash one you'll be able to easily reassemble it.

The Flybrix LEGO drone kits are available now at a starting price of $149 for a basic kit, going up to $189 for a deluxe version. The kits include everything you need to build a drone, from LEGO parts to the cables necessary to wire it up.

The basic LEGO drone kit comes with a flightboard, eight propellers, eight motor boom-arms and motors, a rechargeable battery, a charging cord and a tiny pilot. The deluxe kit includes an additional physical RC controller.

Flybrix co-founders Amir Hirsch, Holly Kasun and Robb Walters hope to get teenagers aged 14 and up, or younger kids supervised by an adult, interested in areas such as aerodynamics, geometry and electrical engineering.

One kit lets you build many drone variants, putting your imagination and skills to work. The LEGO drones look pretty cool and the fact that you can rebuild them time and time again is definitely a plus.

Flybrix mentions on its website that the build-a-drone LEGO kits have limited availability, so interested customers might want to get one while they still can. Orders placed now will ship immediately to customers.

What do you think of these DIY, crash-friendly LEGO drones? Would you buy this for your kid (or yourself)? Let us know in the comments section below.

To get a better idea of what these drone building kits from Flybrix entail and how they work, check out the official demo videos.

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