Pokémon GO and its history-making, record-breaking mobile app are in for a new update, according to the game's developer, Niantic.

The gaming company spilled the beans on what awaits inside the update, coded 0.39.0 on Android and 1.9.0 for iOS.

Long lasting fans will praise the return of the "Capture Location" feature, a neat part of the game that was present in the beginning but was silently axed in a previous expansion.

What is more, players may now tap into extra capabilities of their wearable peripheral, the Pokémon Go Plus.

As a reminder, the first introduction of the "Capture Location" used Pokémon GO's GPS data and marked where you caught each tiny monster on a mini-map. Trainers could check out the info by going into the critter's information screen. For an unknown reason, Niantic pulled the plug on the feature in an earlier patch, when it also removed the "Nearby" Poké-hunting tool.

The new patch notes are showing that the only novelties in the new update are the increasingly engaging way the Pokémon GO Plus accessory acts and the more user-friendly use of Incense. Those who are new to the game should know that Incense is an in-game magnet that summons Pokémon to the trainer's location and is very suitable for players who prefer to play solo.

In former editions of the game, the Pokémon GO Plus did not alert trainers of nearby critters that were attracted by Incense use. Making the game a tad easier, the new update notifies players when their deployed Incense attracts Pokémon.

Niantic seems to understand that Pokémon GO Plus' functionality could find its place in other wearable devices as well. The device is crafted and sold by Nintendo, and it allows players to enjoy the game without checking their mobile.

Rumors surfaced that a lot of the functionality present in the wearable will make its way into Pokémon GO's companion app for Apple Watch. Android users should not feel left out though, as insiders are hinting at a similar companion coming to Android Wear.

The latest upgrade's change-list also features the standard "minor bug fixes."

Most commendable is the fixing of an issue that caused the game to freeze during the loading screen. Also, a bug that caused ultra-low speeds during gym battles was resolved.

"Some exciting features and changes coming soon," Niantic touts.

The rollout for the Pokémon GO update should happen in a short while. Previous cases showed that the usual delay between the release of the patch notes and the update rollout is one or two days, tops.

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