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The Pokémon Company May Release New Pokémon GO Plus Accessory To Keep Players Safe

The Pokémon Company's CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara revealed that a new Pokémon GO accessory is in the works. It cited Nintendo as a developer partner to produce a device that will ensure gameplay is safe for trainers.

Video Games January 30, 2017

Amazon Restocks Pokémon GO Plus Bracelet, Buy Yours Now

The Pokémon GO Plus Bracelet has now been restocked by Amazon. The hard-to-get accessory is now up for purchase on the e-retailer and will set you back anywhere between $45 to $52.

Wearable Tech January 24, 2017

Pokémon GO Plus vs. Apple Watch: Which Wearable Is Better To Help You Catch 'Em All?

Niantic has just released the official 'Pokémon GO' app for the Apple Watch, but how does it stack up to the stand-alone Pokémon GO Plus accessory? Let’s determine which holds more mettle.

Video Games December 25, 2016

Pokémon Go Plus Accessory Goes Up For Preorder On Best Buy, But You Won't Get It This Year

Best Buy has opened up preorders for the elusive Pokémon GO Plus, offering the accessory at its original $34.99 price point. On the downside, you won't get it in time for the holidays.

Gadgets December 9, 2016

Pokémon GO Plus Now Up For Preorder On Amazon

Amazon now has the Pokémon GO Plus up for preorder. The device, which can be worn like a bracelet or clipped on to one's bag or outfit, will ship anywhere between Dec. 19 to February 2017. .

Gadgets December 9, 2016

'Pokémon GO' Update 0.39.0 For Android And 1.9.0 For iOS: Catch Incense Spawned Pokémon With Pokémon GO Plus Device

'Pokémon GO' players got word that both the Android and iOS variants of the game are being updated. Not only will trainers be able to use Incense more efficiently, but the Pokémon Go Plus will also receive extra capabilities.

Video Games September 23, 2016

Latest 'Pokémon GO' Update Rolling Out Now, Adds New 'Pokémon GO' Plus Functionality

Niantic has just released the latest update for 'Pokémon GO.' Here are all the details.

Video Games September 23, 2016

'Pokémon GO' Creator John Hanke Says AR Is Better Than VR: AR Glasses For Pokémon A Possibility

'Pokémon GO' creator and Niantic CEO John Hanke says augmented reality technology is far more interesting and promising for humans than virtual reality. His position is based on the claim that AR allows people to go out and explore the world.

Apps/Software September 20, 2016

Pokémon GO Plus Has Some Surprise Features: It Now Looks Like A Steal At $35

Ever since its announcement, the Pokémon GO Plus accessory was met with skepticism due to certain limitations. The 'Pokémon GO' peripheral, however, was launched with hidden features that now make it well worth the $35 price tag.

Video Games September 19, 2016

Pokémon GO Plus Now Available, But It's Almost As Rare As Mewtwo: Where To Buy?

The Pokémon GO Plus accessory can let its user do everything in the 'Pokémon GO' game except gym battles. The gadget's availability is, however, limited and it has been sold out in some stores.

Video Games September 17, 2016

Pokémon GO Plus vs. 'Pokémon GO' For Apple Watch: The Pros And Cons Of Both Wrist Options

Players can soon continue to play ’Pokémon GO’ from their wrist with the Pokémon GO Plus and the app launching for the Apple Watch. Here are the pros and cons of each option.

Wearable Tech September 9, 2016

Nintendo Will Finally Launch The Pokémon GO Plus Accessory On Sept. 16: Here's A Refresher On What It Can Do

Nintendo and The Pokémon Company will finally launch the Pokémon GO Plus accessory on Sept. 16. In case you forgot what the device can do, Niantic Labs once again explained how players can benefit from it.

Video Games September 9, 2016

Nintendo Explains Pokémon GO Plus Delay: Production Issues Not To Blame

Nintendo confirmed last week that it pushed back the Pokémon GO Plus release to September instead of July, but it offered no reason for the delay so far. The company is now clearing the air, explaining why it decided to push back the launch.

Gadgets August 1, 2016

Pokémon GO Plus Release Date Pushed Back To September, Nintendo Offers Future Discounts In Return

The Pokémon GO Plus accessory has been delayed for unexplained reasons. Fortunately, some Nintendo branches are offering discounts to customers who have been affected by the delay.

Video Games July 27, 2016

Sorry, 'Pokémon GO' Plus Accessory Will Not Launch This Month: Nintendo Confirms Delay

If you're eagerly waiting for the 'Pokémon GO' Plus accessory to launch this month, you may not like this news. Nintendo has confirmed the device is facing delays and the promised July release is off the table.

Gadgets July 27, 2016

Nintendo Shares Go Down After Company Warns 'Pokémon GO' Impact Is 'Limited'

Nintendo has taken into account the success of the popular 'Pokémon GO' mobile game in which the company is referring to as fairly 'limited.' News of the labeling spread this weekend, sending the company’s stocks to a decline this July 25.

Business Tech July 25, 2016

‘Pokemon GO’ Field Testing To End June 30

Field tests for 'Pokémon GO' will officially wrap up on June 30. Does this mean the development team is gearing up for the game’s release in July?

Video Games June 28, 2016

'Pokémon Go' Might Be Released Next Month, With Go Plus To Retail For $35

The Pokémon Go Plus wearable device was announced to have a target shipping date of 'end of July' and will retail for $35 during Nintendo’s live stream event on Wednesday.

Video Games June 15, 2016

Gaming On-The-Go: Augmented Reality Game 'Pokémon GO' Teases Nintendo's Potential In The Mobile Market

The Pokémon Company and game developer Niantic announced a new augmented reality game called 'Pokémon GO,' which teases Nintendo's potential in the mobile gaming market.

Video Games September 18, 2015

Pokémon Go For iOS And Android Should Make Pokémon Fans Excited: Here's Why

The Pokemon Company has announced a new mobile game called Pokemon GO, made with Nintendo and former Google subsiduary Niantic. The game will hit iOS and Android in 2016 and will involve a companion device for a real-world Pokemon experience. Here's the deal.

Apps/Software September 10, 2015

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