Apple released a minor update for iOS 10 on Friday, Sept. 23, to fix a number of bugs, including the one that messed up the controls on Lightning EarPods.

While there are plenty of neat iOS 10 features worth the upgrade, some bugs also slipped through the cracks and have been marring the experience for some iPhone and iPad owners. The iPhone 7 Lightning EarPods remote control issues have been particularly annoying, as a bug caused the multifunction remote control to stop working if the EarPods were inactive for a few minutes while they were plugged into the Lightning port.

Apple promised a fix earlier this week and now it delivered, rolling out iOS 10.0.2 with a handful of fixes for several bug-related issues. In addition to the Lightning EarPods remote control issues, the update also fixes the bug that caused Photos to crash when opening iCloud Photo Library and the bug that prevented users from enabling some app extensions.

While it's not a major update, iOS 10.0.2 brings stability improvements and bug fixes to enhance the overall experience. The update is available now and can be downloaded and installed either from the iOS Settings app > Software update, or by connecting the iOS device to iTunes on a Mac or PC.

As a reminder, Apple released its latest iOS 10 mobile operating system to the public last week in the form of iOS 10.0.1, and iOS 10.0.2 is only a minor adjustment for now. However, the company is already working on a more substantial update that will roll out as iOS 10.1. Apple has already started testing that version, which will add a new camera Portrait mode designed to take full advantage of the dual cameras of the iPhone 7 Plus.

Apple's iOS 10 also went under fire recently for messing up the battery life on older iPhone models such as the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. The iPhone 5s was reportedly the most affected, but Apple has yet to issue a statement in this regard or release a fix to address the battery-draining bug.

As far as we're aware, the new iOS 10.0.2 update does not address the iOS 10 battery issue for older models, but it shouldn't take too long until the company releases a patch for that as well.

Those completely unsatisfied with iOS 10, meanwhile, can roll back to iOS 9 until Apple manages to work out all issues with its new OS.

If, on the other hand, you decided to give iOS 10.0.2 a shot, drop by our comment section below and tell us how it fares.

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