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Apple Previews iOS 11.3 With Improvements To ARKit, Messages, And More

Apple is embracing the trend to update its iOS regularly and has revealed some new features coming to iOS 11.3. Some of the highlights include updates to ARKit, Animoji, and more.

Apple January 26, 2018

Apple Releases iOS 11.2, Fixing Some Things And Breaking Others: Should You Upgrade?

Apple released iOS 11.2 to take care of the iOS restart bug, but the update was not ready for prime time just yet. Since it was rushed out, iOS 11.2 is not bug-free and some might be better off skipping this one.

Apple December 5, 2017

Apple Seeds Second Beta Versions Of iOS 10.2.1 And macOS 10.12.3 To Public Testers

Apple has released second beta versions of its macOS Sierra and iOS operating systems to public beta testers. Minimal changes were made in the software updates, which were implemented to fix security issues.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech December 22, 2016

iOS 10.2 Features: Latest Update Brings New Emoji, TV App And More: Here's What You Get

Apple has officially released iOS 10.2 for the general public, adding a slew of new tricks and improvements. The update brings more than 100 new emoji, a new TV app, single sign-on for cable TV, new wallpapers, a videos app widget and more, so here's what you get.

Apple December 13, 2016

Apple Releases iOS 10.0.2 To Fix iOS 10 Issues With Lightning EarPods, App Extension And Photos Bugs

Some iOS 10 issues just got a fix with Apple's latest update. Rolling out now, iOS 10.0.2 fixes bugs that affected the Lightning EarPods controls, caused Photos to crash and prevented app extensions from being enabled.

Apple September 23, 2016

Apple Pulls iOS 9.3.2 Update For 9.7-Inch iPad Pro To Avoid Bricking More Tablets

Apple rolled out iOS 9.3.2 just recently and the update is already giving iPad Pro owners a hard time. Reports have started piling up about the 9.7-inch iPad Pro bricking during installation, and the OEM has a solution for it.

Apple May 21, 2016

iOS 9.3.2 Beta Reportedly Fixed Game Center Bug: No More White Screen Or Settings App Freezing?

Apple’s Game Center bug might be history, according to reports. Members of TouchArcade’s forum noted that updating to iOS 9.3.2 Beta solved the year-long issue that hindered the gaming experience on iOS.

Apps/Software April 13, 2016

Apple Finally Fixing 1970 Bug That Bricks iPhones: Public Rollout Likely Coming This Spring

Apple will finally fix the 1970 iPhone bricking bug in an upcoming software update rollout. Speculated to be the iOS 9.3, the company is slated to launch the public version of the updated OS this spring.

Apps/Software February 26, 2016

Telegram Update Adds Cool New Features For Secure Voice Messages, Secret Chats And More

Telegram is adding new features to its app via a recent update. Users can now multitask while listening to voice messages, see detailed previews of links and have a bunch more sharing options within the app along with many other new features.

Apps/Software February 13, 2016

Apple Now Seeding iOS 9.2.1 Beta For Developers

Apple announced to developers that they can get their hands on the iOS 9.2.1 beta update. Even if iOS 9.2 delivered more fixes and improved content rather than issues, reports indicated that MDM bugs shadowed the multi-featured update.

Apps/Software December 18, 2015

iOS 9 'Slide To Upgrade' Issue Still Bricks iPhones And iPads: Apple's Workaround Reportedly Takes Multiple Attempts

The iOS 9 'Slide to Upgrade' bug has filled Apple’s support forums. Users who want to see iOS 9 on their phones might have to take a radical approach to get it.

Apps/Software September 24, 2015

Here Are Some Of The Coolest iOS 9 Features

Apple's iOS 9 drops today. Here are some of the coolest features the new platform has to offer, including a Siri who is one step closer to being the world's best personal assistant.

Apps/Software September 16, 2015

Twitter For iOS Update Brings Responsive Design To iPad Experience

​Twitter for iOS update is bringing a unified experience among iOS device users. The company says iPad users will be greatly affected with the rollout of the new update.

Apps/Software September 10, 2015

7 Pop Culture Emojis That Should Come With Apple's Next iOS Update

Apple's iOS 8.3 update finally brought us new racially diverse emojis last week. It would also be pretty amazing if these seven pop culture-related emojis came with the next update.

Movies/TV Shows April 15, 2015

Apple iOS 8.3 Update: Which Emojis Have Been Changed Or Removed?

With Apple's new iOS 8.3 update, the highly anticipated racially diverse emoji are here! However, with new additions come a whole lot of changes too.

Geek April 9, 2015

Apple iOS 8.1.2 is Out: Fixes Ringtone Issues, No Major Update. Should You Upgrade?

Apple released iOS 8.1.2 as the second patch for iOS 8.1. The version is also the fifth update since Apple has released iOS 8.

Apps/Software December 10, 2014

iPhone, iPad users report Apple iOS 8.1 problems: Battery drainage, rebooting gadgets, connectivity issues, and more

Apple's iOS 8.1 went live on Oct. 20, but server issues continue to haunt the company. Reports that the update failed to address bug issues with battery drain and speed have also surfaced.

Geek October 22, 2014

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