The Xbox One S is the newest video game console from Microsoft, and its release has propelled the company to the top of the console sales chart in the past two months.

Still, as good as the console is in terms of its gaming performance, there are some slight issues when it comes down to media playback, especially 4K and HDR. Bear in mind that Microsoft made a big deal about 4K and HDR media playback when announcing the console.

It also comes with a 4K UHD Blu-Ray drive, a key component missing from the more advanced Sony PS4 Pro. The problem is, 4K and HDR right now don't work as well as they should. A thread on Reddit claims there's a light bleed problem when playing UHD Blu-Ray with HDR enabled.

It appears this doesn't happen when playing 4K and HDR content via streaming apps, so everything is fine there.

After reading several comments via the Reddit post, it would seem this issue happens a lot with Sony, LG and Vizio televisions. Samsung televisions don't appear to show any issues.

The good news is, Major Nelson replied to the post saying he plans to forward the issue to the team. Phil Spencer later replied to the poster by email saying the team is looking into it. Users can only hope the team manages to address the problem or else it wouldn't be fixed any time soon, if ever.

"There seems to be a light-bleeding issue ONLY when playing 4K UHD discs with HDR enabled. When playing Netflix everything works perfectly.

"I was able to test another 4K UHD player today with the same HDR settings enabled and the Samsung player worked perfectly," a Reddit poster says.

We're not certain when Microsoft will release a fix, but it needs to be soon before more users begin to come across the same problem. Microsoft has been very solid when it comes down to releasing updates for the Xbox One, and as such, we expect this to continue.

Microsoft has garnered a lot of success due to the release of the Xbox One S. The company managed to sell nearly 80,000 controllers, a haul that topped the number of DualShock 4 controllers sold during the same time frame.

The company also released its first Xbox Play Anywhere title in the form of ReCore. It's a game about a girl and her robot who are tasked with fighting other robots. The ratings from critics aren't great, but they are not bad either.

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