Microsoft is in a good mood right now after the company managed to sell more than 79,000 Xbox One S controllers in the month of August alone. The controller is the newest for the Xbox One and was announced at E3 2016.

The controller is quite different when compared with the first two designs. Like the second design that comes with a 3.5 mm jack, the Xbox One S controller also comes with the same jack, but the big difference is the extra grip on the handles and the Bluetooth support.

Yes, the controller can now connect to Bluetooth devices but will only work as intended with Windows 10. Bear in mind that Bluetooth is not as reliable as the original method, which is still a part of the controller.

According to an NPD analyst, as reported by VentureBeat, the 79,000 controllers sold was enough to overtake the DualShock for the PlayStation 4. The analyst noted that the Sony controller was regularly the number one selling of all controllers.

The Xbox One S controller took the number one spot for August due to the release of the Xbox One S console in the same month. It went on to outsell the PlayStation 4 for the second month in a row, something that is quite rate.

The Xbox One S is a neat slim console and one that comes with several improvements over the old model. The device is capable of HDR gaming and can upscale video games to 4K resolutions. Furthermore, the processor is faster than the one found inside the original design.

The gains from the processor is not significant, but it should allow for some games to perform better.

Microsoft's success won't go untested for long. The slim version of the PlayStation 4 was released recently, and Sony is preparing to launch the PlayStation 4 Pro in October.

The PlayStation 4 Pro, according to Sony, is an upgraded PlayStation 4 with the ability to play video games in 4K. The biggest difference here is the new GPU, an improved processor and 1 TB of hard drive. The device will go on sale for the cool price of $399, which is the same price the original PlayStation 4 went for three years ago.

Microsoft's answer to the PlayStation 4 Pro won't come until the end of 2017. At the moment, it's called Project Scorpio, and it's expected to have 6 teraflops of computing power in terms of the GPU.

Microsoft also said the console will be able to output games in "true 4K," but many are skeptical of those claims.

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